British Airways To Receive First Airbus A350 Tomorrow

This time tomorrow, British Airways will have received their first Airbus A350-1000 aircraft, registered as G-XWBA. The aircraft is due to arrive at London Heathrow where Simple Flying will be on hand to report.

British Airways Airbus A350 Delivery
The first BA Airbus A350 will arrive tomorrow. Photo: Airbus

British Airways is due to receive four Airbus A350 aircraft by the end of the year. Additionally, rivals Virgin Atlantic are also due to receive their first four Airbus A350-1000 by the end of the year. It seems as though the race to receive the first A350 has been won by British Airways, however, who will take delivery of their first aircraft tomorrow afternoon.

Special event

Tomorrow afternoon British Airways will be holding a special event at London Heathrow Airport to welcome the newest aircraft to its fleet. At the event, invited guests will be able to watch the aircraft land and taxi to its new home.

Once the aircraft has come to a stop, the interior will be on show. This will include a first look at the aircraft’s new Club World cabin, in addition to the World Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins. Simple Flying will be in attendance to capture this special delivery for our readers and, of course, to report on the new Club World suite.

Here’s a little teaser from British Airways:

Construction journey complete

Tomorrow’s delivery will mark the end of the aircraft’s lengthy construction period. British Airways originally placed its order for 18 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft back in 2013. Following years of waiting, things began to get exciting when the aircraft entered the paint bay around two months ago.

Now, after painting, receiving its engines, and some test flights, the aircraft had its first customer acceptance flight seven days ago. It would appear as though the aircraft needed a minor adjustment, as it completed a second customer acceptance flight the next day.

10 days in London

Following G-XWBA’s delivery flight tomorrow, the aircraft will remain in London for 10 days. After its brief settling in period at British Airways, the aircraft will operate its first commercial flight on Monday 5th of August. It will fly to Madrid airport as flight BA460.

British Airways Club World A350
The Airbus A350 will debut British Airways new Club World suites. Photo: British Airways

While the economy cabin is open to paying passengers on this flight, the new Club World cabin will be reserved for invited guests. Simple Flying will also be on board the inaugural flight, where we will review the new Club World cabin for our readers.

Simple Flying will cover the event tomorrow as it happens via our social media channels, with a full write up available just after.

Do you have any questions about the British Airways Airbus A350? Is there anything specific you would like to see? Let us know in the comments section, and we do our best to address it tomorrow!