This British Airways Business Class Meal May Contain Bullet Fragments

Passengers are used to finding lots of allergy warnings in airline menus around the world. Sometimes these are accompanied by warnings that fish and other meat could contain bones. However, have you ever seen a warning for bullet fragments? If the answer is no, all is about to change, as the British Airways menu now warns that the Home Counties Venison Stew, found in Club World, could contain “bullet fragments”. This is due to the methods employed in preparing the venison meat.

Bullet Fragments
The warning on British Airways’ Club World menu. Photo: Twitter

Shot Can Be Found In Venison

While it may seem alarming to find a notice warning of bullet fragments, a British Airways spokesperson told us that “warnings like this are quite commonplace” with regards to venison products. In fact, in a statement, a British Airways representative told Simple Flying:

These warnings are there as a precaution, and are common practice. ​We source the best British ingredients for our inflight menu and this is no exception.

Bullet Fragments
The dish is found on select routes in the British Airways Club World cabin. Photo: British Airways

Is Venison Safe To Eat?

While the subject of the safety of eating venison with bullet fragments can be quite complicated, the simple answer is yes. A large company such as British Airways would not serve a product to customers if they deemed it unsafe as the risk would be too high. It is highly unlikely that somebody would find bullets in their meal. In fact, the disclaimer regarding bullets is likely a failsafe, so that if anybody did hurt themselves, the airline could say “I told you so”.

Additionally, some game products are slaughtered using shots containing lead. Eating high amounts of these products could be risky for high-risk groups. However, the food standards agency says “Generally, the large game sold in supermarkets is farmed and will have no or very low lead levels. You don’t need to worry about eating this kind of game meat.” It is likely that this would also apply to British Airways who’s venison meal will come from a large supplier.

Bullet Fragments
A British Airways spokesman said that the warnings are “commonplace” across deer products. Photo: British Airways

While bullets are prohibited from the cabin of an aircraft by the TSA, Simple Flying could not find any specific guidance on carrying bullet fragments on an aircraft. Other strange aircraft meals supposedly include:

  • A lizard in an Air India meal,
  • A needle in a Delta Airlines meal,
  • The legendary Air Koryo Burger.

Have you eaten the Home Counties Venison Stew on British Airways? Did you like it? Were there any bullets inside? Let us know in the comments down below!