Bahrain’s Sunken Boeing 747 Opens To Divers

Bahrain has become a bucket list destination for any aviation enthusiasts with a diving license. The Middle East country has opened its “underwater theme park” named Dive Bahrain. The highlight? A real Boeing 747 submerged in the ocean for divers to explore.

Dive Bahrain, Sunken Boeing 747, Diving Boeing 747
Divers can explore the sunken Boeing 747. Photo: Dive Bahrain

At Simple Flying, we’ve reported on some pretty special Boeing 747s, from Air Force One to SOFIA. However, the subject of today’s article arguably trumps these all. Bahrain has intentionally sunk a Boeing 747 of its coast. The aircraft is a tourist attraction, with visitors able to dive to the seabed and explore the wreck.

Dive Bahrain, Sunken Boeing 747, Diving Boeing 747
Divers can visit the wreck as part of organised tours. Photo: Dive Bahrain

So, what’s the deal?

Earlier this year we reported that Dive Bahrain was intentionally placing a Boeing 747 on the ocean sea bed off of Bahrain. The aircraft is part of the first stage of building what its owners have described as an “underwater theme park”. According to Dive Bahrain, the dive site will consist of an artificial reef, 100,000 square meters in size.

Dive Bahrain, Sunken Boeing 747, Diving Boeing 747
Bahrain sunk a Boeing 747 off its coast. Photo: Drive Bahrain

The aircraft’s submersion is part one of the project, and it accompanied by a “pearl merchant’s house” and various sail structures. Stage two will see ships, sculptures, and reef balls added to the area.

Dive Bahrain, Sunken Boeing 747, Diving Boeing 747
Exploring the aircraft’s nose. Photo: Dive Bahrain

About the aircraft

The aircraft which was sunk off the coast of Bahrain is a Boeing 747 which was originally delivered to Malaysia Airlines on the 8th of April 1982 according to The aircraft served with the airline for 23 years, registered as 9M-MHJ, before it was stored in Kuala Lumpur during March 2005.

Dive Bahrain, Sunken Boeing 747, Diving Boeing 747
The aircraft was originally delivered to Malaysia Airlines. Photo: Dive Bahrain

In August of that year, the aircraft entered service with Focus Air Cargo for two and a half years registered as N361FC. This was before entering storage for a second time in March 2008 at Victorville in California. Finally, the aircraft was registered as TF-AAA, entering service with Air Atlanta Icelandic in June of 2008. The aircraft remained in service until May 2013 when it was stored for the final time.

Dive Bahrain, Sunken Boeing 747, Diving Boeing 747
It went into storage for the final time in 2013. Photo: Dive Bahrain

How to visit the Boeing 747

Only qualified divers will be able to visit the Boeing 747’s wreck. According to Dive Bahrain, those interested in the experience should contact one of three registered dive centers. These are Dive Vision, Suba Life, and Suba Master. The dive center will then sort out the necessary arrangements. All that’s left to do is to book flights to Bahrain, perhaps on British Airways’ flight which will soon continue on to Saudi Arabia.

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