Bamboo Airways Plans To Order 12 Boeing 777X Aircraft

Vietnamese airline Bamboo Airways is eyeing an order for 12 Boeing 777X aircraft. The deal, worth $5 billion, is being planned for Q2 of 2020, according to Bloomberg.

Bamboo Airways, Boeing 777X, Order
Bamboo Airways is planning to order 12 Boeing 777X aircraft. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

2019 wasn’t particularly kind to the Boeing 777X program. The aircraft’s first flight was delayed by over half a year due to issues with the aircraft’s giant GE9X engines. Additionally, the aircraft failed a static pressurization test.

However, things are starting to look up! Firstly, following a further two-day delay, the aircraft finally took its first flight last month. Now, it looks as though the Boeing 777X will book its first order since it took to the skies thanks to Bamboo Airways.

Potential new order

Boeing looks on course to secure its first order for the 777X since the aircraft’s first flight. Vietnamese airline Bamboo Airways commenced operations a little over a year ago. However, it is already looking at expansion.

Bamboo Airways 787
Bamboo Airways began operating The Boeing 787 domestic routes on January 2nd. Photo: Bamboo Airways

The airline was commenced with Airbus A320 family aircraft, however, it already has the 787 Dreamliner in its fleet. With these, it will launch European flights later this year. The carrier is also looking at launching flights to the United States.

In addition, Bamboo is eying placing an order for 12 777X aircraft by mid-year. Just 9-days ago we reported that Bamboo Airways was in talks with Boeing regarding the aircraft. However, now the airline’s Chairman Trinh Van Quyet told Bloomberg that he expects to place a 12 aircraft order for the 777X by mid-year. They will likely have to wait a fair while to receive their first such aircraft, as quite a queue has already formed for when deliveries commence.

Not a huge surprise

It’s not a huge surprise that Bamboo Airways is eyeing an order for a larger aircraft. In fact, last year in June, the airline floated the idea of using the Airbus A380 flights to the United States. This would have given the carrier a significant passenger capacity on such routes.

Bamboo Airways Airbus A380 US Flights
Last year Bamboo Airways floated the idea of Airbus A380 flights to the United States. Image: Simple Flying

Emirates’ most densely configured Airbus A380 carries a total of around 600 passengers in a two-class configuration. By contrast, with a two-class configuration, the Boeing 777-9 will carry 426 passengers. While this is less than the giant Airbus A380, it is also far more practical.

Firstly, there is not such a strong need to sell seats, as the airline will find it easier to sell slightly fewer seats. Additionally, the Boeing 777-9 is incredibly more fuel-efficient than the Airbus A380. This is a boon both to the airline and to the environment. The airline will spend more money on fuel, while fewer emissions will enter the environment.

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