Bamboo Airways Set To Operate Rare Boeing 787 Flight To London

Bamboo Airways is set to operate a rare repatriation flight to London Heathrow next week. The trip will be Bamboo’s third European flight, following two earlier successful missions.

Bamboo Airways, London, Boeing 787
Bamboo Airways will operate a one-off flight to London. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airlines had intended to be operating regular flights to and from Europe by now. However, this has not been possible as a result of the current crisis. Indeed, some airlines have instead been suspending flights, and even their entire operations, until the situation improves. While Bamboo hasn’t been able to launch flights to Europe as expected, it has been operating repatriation flights in the meantime.

To London Heathrow

The British Government is maintaining a list of repatriation options from various countries across the world. While a vast number are being operated by carriers with a presence in the United Kingdom, some other carriers have been helping out, such as Kenya Airways.

According to the United Kingdom’s foreign travel advice page regarding Vietnam, Bamboo Airways will operate a one-off rescue flight from Hanoi to London Heathrow. The special flight will operate on the 10th of May.

QH9035 will depart from Hanoi at 02:00 local time on the 10th of May. Following the 13-hour and 15-minute flight, the Boeing 787 is due to touch down at London Heathrow at 09:15 later that morning.

Bamboo Airways, London, Boeing 787
The flight from Hanoi (HAN) to London (LHR) is scheduled to take 13-hours and 15-minutes. Photo: GCMap

Tickets are now on sale for the one-off flight, with set prices depending on the age of the traveler:

  • Adults (12+) will pay 23,363,000 VND (US$1,000);
  • Children (2-11) will pay 17,371,000 (US$743.50);
  • Infants (<2 years) will pay 2,267,000 (US$97).

According to the UK Foreign Office, passengers can book flights at a Bamboo Airways ticket office or via phone. However, to be confirmed for travel, tickets must be paid for no later than 48 hours before the flight.

In-flight experience

You may think that a repatriation flight will be a barebones low-cost situation. IE, you’re lucky to get a seat and shouldn’t expect anything else. However, this is not the case with Bamboo Airways’ flights.

According to the carrier, any passengers on the plane will be allowed to take 7kg of hand baggage and check-in a further 30kg of luggage in the aircraft’s hold. However, passengers are not able to purchase excess baggage on this trip. Also, passengers will each be served two meals during the 13-hour flight.

Bamboo Airways, London, Boeing 787
The crew will be kitted from head to toe in protective clothing. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways’ Boeing 787s are fitted with a couple of cabins. At the front of the aircraft are several business-class seats. These are similar to those found onboard British Airways’ new A350 aircraft. However, they lack a door.

In total, Bamboo Airways’ Boeing 787 is equipped with 294 seats between three classes. There are 26 seats in the business class cabin, 21 in premium economy, and a total of 247 economy seats. On such a flight where all tickets cost the same, premium seats will likely be randomly allocated. Something that was initially seen when Norwegian first hired Hi Fly’s Airbus A380.

Will you be on Bamboo Airways’ first flight to the United Kingdom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.