Bamboo Airways Set To Receive First Boeing 787 In October

Bamboo Airways will receive its first Boeing 787 in October this year. This marks an acceleration in the timeline under which the airline anticipated receiving Boeing 787 aircraft. The Vietnamese startup did not indicate where the aircraft would fly nor if any new long-haul routes will be launched as a result of the delivery of Boeing 787s.

Bamboo Airwayds 787
Bamboo Airways anticipates receiving their first Boeing 787 in October. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787

In a press release, Bamboo Airways indicated they expect the first Boeing 787 delivery to come in October 2019. However, an official date was not specified. Originally, the first 787 for Bamboo was to be delivered near the end of 2020. This did not work for the airline’s growth plans.

In order to serve its immediate activities, Bamboo Airways is planning to lease aircraft from its partners with the plan of operating Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft in October 2019

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787
Bamboo Airways is leasing a Boeing 787 from one of their “partners” Photo: Bamboo Airways

There is no indication as to who this partner is nor how the aircraft will be outfitted. Bamboo Airways previously released a seat map for the Boeing 787-9. However, it is unclear if this configuration will be applied on the 787 due next month.

Bamboo 787 Seatmap
The seating configuration for a Bamboo Airways Boeing 787. Photo: Bamboo Airways

This comes amid Bamboo Airways’ plan to grow their fleet up to 30 by the end of 2020. After that, by 2024, the airline expects to operate 100 aircraft. These include Airbus A320 family aircraft and the Boeing 787-9.

Bamboo Airbus A321
Bamboo Airways expects to grow its fleet to 100 aircraft by 2024. Photo: Bamboo Airways

No A330s for Bamboo

In the same press release, Bamboo Airways mentioned an interesting change of plans. Apparently, they changed their minds about taking on an Airbus A330.

[T]he [a]irline has no intention of putting into operation Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft, opposed to the rumors from the press and social media.

Despite an Airbus A330 painted in Bamboo Airways livery and the airline having received approval to include widebodies such as the A330, it appears that the aircraft will not join the airline’s fleet. Simple Flying reached out to Bamboo Airways in regards to the A330 back in July, however, the Vietnamese airline did not respond.

It seems instead the carrier is reversing their A330 plans in favor of inducting a Boeing 787-9. It is unclear if this will lead Bamboo Airways to amend its order for Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Although, expansion is on its mind.

Bamboo Airways 787
Bamboo Airways will solely take Boeing 787 widebodies. Photo: Bamboo Airways


Europe, especially Prague, has been on the airline’s radar for 787 flights. In addition, the Vietnamese startup does have some pretty ambitious plans in terms of launching flights to the United States. It is, however, unclear exactly how much of their wishes will come true.

Bamboo Airways did not announce a delivery date for its new Dreamliner. Nor is it clear exactly where the aircraft will be sourced from or the configuration it will be in.

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