Bamboo Airways To Launch Boeing 787 Prague Flights This Year

Bamboo Airways will fly directly to Prague from Hanoi from April 2020. The Vietnam to Czech Republic link will be conducted by the carrier’s brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Bamboo 787
Bamboo has high hopes for its new jet. Photo: Bamboo Airways

A long time coming

According to a press release shared by the Vietnamese firm, the introduction of this service will mark the 70th anniversary of establishing modern diplomatic relations between the two countries. To get ready for the launch, Bamboo is organizing a “Roadshow Trade and Tourism Promotion” between Vietnam and Europe this month.

By choosing to operate the route with a 787-9, Bamboo will be able to shorten the flight time to less than 12 hours. The airline hopes that this will save costs and time while providing more choices for passengers. Additionally, Bamboo highlights that there is not any other Vietnamese carrier that operates direct flights to the Czech Republic.

The carrier states that there is an increase in demand for flights to the country. Meanwhile, trade between the two nations has further increased the need for this service. At the moment, travelers have to make connections in order to reach one country from the other. Moreover, this takes up to 19 hours with a stopover in the Middle East or Europe.

Bamboo 787 interior
There are four first class suites and 24 business class seats on Bamboo’s new airliner. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Growing markets

Mr. Bui Quang Dung, a deputy general director of Bamboo Airways, spoke about how his company is prioritizing the launch of the new route.

“We are working hard to quickly complete procedures, officially bringing Vietnam – Prague direct route into operation by QII/2020 as expected,” he said, as per the release.

Meanwhile, fellow deputy director general Mr. Truong Phuong Thanh spoke of the firm’s commitment to growing within Europe.

“European market is determined as a key market which dominates the development roadmap of Bamboo Airways’ route network in particular, as well as tourism and investment products of FLC Group in general in 2020,” he shared.

Bamboo 787 premium economy
Altogether, Bamboo’s 787-9 Dreamliner is configured for 302 passengers. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Fresh aircraft

The airline received its first 787 on December 22nd, making it the first privately owned Vietnamese carrier to operate widebody aircraft. The airline is also expecting the arrival of four more of these Dreamliners.

Bamboo is currently introducing the plane on domestic operations ahead of its debut on long haul trips such as the Prague service. The plane started operating between Bamboo’s base in Hanoi and Vietnam’s capital Hoi Chi Minh City on January 2nd.

The airline only commenced its first-ever flight a year ago. However, it already has managed to expand across continents with new routes in such a short amount of time. The rise of new carriers such as Bamboo could change the face of Asian aviation this decade.

Simple Flying reached out to Bamboo Airways about the new service but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further information.

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