Bamboo Airways Receives Its First Airbus A320neo

Vietnam’s Bamboo Airways has taken delivery of the first of three Airbus A320neo aircraft from CDB Aviation. The delivery marks the start of the airline’s plans to expand its fleet and is Vietnam’s first A320neo.

Bamboo Airways new A320neo Aircraft
The new Airbus A320neo is the first of its kind in Vietnam. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways and CDB

After announcing a lease agreement in October 2018, CDB Aviation delivered the first of three Airbus A320neo aircraft to Bamboo Airways on November 3rd in Toulouse, France. The aircraft was welcomed upon arrival in Vietnam with a ceremonial water salute.

In a statement, Sign Kadouh, Head of Commercial in Asia Pacific for CDB, said,

“We are thrilled to team up with Bamboo Airways in marking this historic milestone, delivering the benefits of superior performance and enhanced passenger experience of the neo family to Vietnam’s commercial aviation sector”.

The start-up airline will take delivery of two more A320neo aircraft from CDB Aviation in May and June 2020. It is also expecting two further aircraft, being leased from BOC Aviation, to arrive before the end of this year. Combined, the five A320neo aircraft will facilitate the airline’s expansion plans to increase its fleet and gain a larger share of the Vietnamese aviation market.

The airline, which began in 2018, recently announced plans to become the country’s first operator of direct, long-haul flights to the U.S. It currently operates 28 routes and is looking to expand to nearly 40 routes in 2020.

Bamboo Airways A320neo water salute
A ceremonial water salute welcomes the aircraft to Vietnam. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Mr Bui Quang Dung, Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways, commented on the airline’s expansion plans by saying;

“Bamboo Airways has been continuously expanding its fleet with various models of modern aircraft … The upgrade and expansion of Bamboo Airways’ fleet also helps the Airline carry out its mission of connecting provinces and cities across Vietnam, and connecting Vietnam with the world”.

Both Bamboo Airways and CBD hinted at an ongoing partnership between the two companies with Sign Kadouh of CBD commenting,

“As Bamboo Airways continues on a rapid growth trajectory, we look forward to building our strategic partnership, targeting to meet increasing demand from the country’s burgeoning tourism industry.”

The A320neo

The aircraft itself has eight business-class seats and 162 economy seats. This is less than a standard Airbus A320neo aircraft, which has a maximum of 194 seats in the 27.51m by 3.70m cabin. By reducing the number of seats, Bamboo Airways is able to increase legroom and reclining space and widen the aisle. Adding to the passenger experience, the new A320neo aircraft are fitted with Panasonic’s wifi system.

Bamboo airways A320neo interior
Fewer seats than a standard A320neo aircraft allows for more legroom and a wider aisle. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Fly green

The new A320neo will be the first in Bamboo Airways’ Fly Green campaign. Bamboo Airways is aiming to be Vietnam’s first green airline by reducing the use of single-use plastic on all flights and replacing them with environmentally-friendly recyclable alternatives. After trialing this initiative in June of this year, the airline will now implement the campaign starting this month.

Bamboo Airways Fly Green Initiative
Bamboo Airways Fly Green initiative will see a reduction in the number of single-use plastics onboard. Photo: Bamboo Airways

In addition, all five of Bamboo Airway’s new A320neo aircraft will be powered by Leap-1A engines thereby reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%.

If all the onboard and technical elements don’t show you the airline’s commitment to the new environmental campaign, there’s always the giant “Fly Green” livery on the side of the aircraft to remind you!

Bamboo Airways FLy Green Livery
Bamboo Airways Fly Green livery marks the start of the new environmental campaign by the airline. Photo: Bamboo Airways