Bamboo Airways Receives Its First Embraer E195

This morning Bamboo Airways posted an image to Twitter with the note saying, “Our Embraer 195 is home at Noi Bai Airport! Con Dao, here we come!!” This marks the first of two Embraer E195 jets being acquired by the airline from Great Dane Airlines. According to reports, these leased aircraft will be with Bamboo for at least six months, flying to three destinations from their new home at Can Tho.

Bamboo Airways E195
The Bamboo Airways E195s are coming from Great Dane Airlines. Photo: Bamboo Airways

The long journey from Aalborg

According to data obtained from, this latest addition to the Bamboo Airways fleet arrived in Hanoi (Vietnam) at 07:50 on September 12th after a multi-day journey from its previous home in Aalborg (Denmark). Aalborg is the home base of Danish start-up Great Dane Airlines.

Before arriving in Hanoi, the small regional twinjet had been in Lahore (Pakistan). In total, the aircraft made two stops for refueling with its itinerary as follows:

  1. Aalborg to Trabzon (Turkey) (3.75 hours of flight time)
  2. Trabzon to Lahore (4.1 hours of flight time)
  3. Lahore to Hanoi (4.7 hours of flight time)

The aircraft departed Aalborg just before midday on September 11th and had a total of roughly 12.5 hours of flight time.

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A look at the final leg of the E195’s three-leg journey from Aalborg (Denmark) to Hanoi (Vietnam). The aircraft began its journey on September 11th. Photo:

The long journey from Aalborg

With international travel restrictions still in place, Vietnamese carriers are trying to grow and support the domestic air travel sector.

Bamboo Airways announced on its Facebook page that it would be flying Embraer 195s on several domestic routes in Vietnam. Based out of Can Tho, the routes are as follows:

  • Can Tho and Con Dao (VCA-VCS),
  • Da Nang to Con Dao (DAD-VCS),
  • and Hanoi to Con Dao (HAN-VCS).

Our previous reporting on these jets indicated that they were expected to start flying from August 18th. The aircraft will offer a business class experience on flights to and from Con Dao. Bamboo Airways states that this is the first time the Embraer 195 will fly in Vietnam.

The current fleet at Bamboo Airways

Currently, Bamboo Airways operates both Airbus A320ceo and A320neo aircraft, as well as the Boeing 787-9. For a relatively new airline, it already has three Dreamliners with one more on the way. The 787-9s have been quite busy conducting some impressive long-haul international routes as part of a big repatriation program to Italy and London.

With the addition of this latest Embraer E195, indicates that Bamboo Airways has 23 aircraft in its fleet with three more on the way – including one more E195.

Bamboo Airways plane
Bamboo Airways is a relatively new Vietnamese start-up airline that acquired the Boeing 787 early on. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Do you think leasing two E195 jets was a good move by Bamboo Airways? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Simple Flying contacted Bamboo Airways requesting a statement. However, at the time of publication, no comment was received. We will update this article if there is any news from the airline.