Bamboo Airways Set To Fly First Boeing 787 European Flight Tomorrow

Ambitious Vietnamese startup, Bamboo Airways, is gearing up to launch its first flight to Europe. However, this is not a traditional flight. Instead, Bamboo Airways will fly a Boeing 787-9 from Hanoi to Prague on March 25, 2020 to return EU citizens to Europe and to transport medical aid to Prague.

Bamboo Airways
Bamboo Airways is operating its first flight to Europe as a repatriation flight. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways to fly to Prague

On March 25th, a 787-9 will take off from Noi Bai International Airport at 08:20 local time en route to Prague. Onboard, there will be 280 Czech and European passengers departing Vietnam and heading home. This flight comes as Vietnam is halting international flight arrivals.

Bamboo Airways
There will be room for 280 Czech and European passengers onboard the 787. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Meanwhile, in the cargo hold, there will be medical supplies provided by the Vietnamese government. These are destined for the Czech Republic, to help address a shortage of supplies there.

In the cargo hold, the aircraft will transport medical supplies. Photo: Bamboo Airways

For passengers who need to fly home from Vietnam, it is best to contact the Czech Embassy in the country for details.

The first flight of a Vietnamese Airline to the Czech Republic

This will be the first nonstop service from a Vietnamese airline to the Czech Republic. Previously, the airline was supposed to operate this route nonstop to carry passengers on a regular basis. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this launch has been delayed. While this is not the same as a passenger inaugural, it represents a big step forward as Bamboo Airways seeks to make its place in the Vietnamese aviation market.

787 Bamboo
This is the first nonstop flight to Prague on a Vietnamese airline. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Although, this is still special for the airline. The carrier notes that this flight is meaningful as it serves social and humanitarian purposes. Moreover, it represents another way of coming together to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensuring the health and safety of customers onboard

Wary of the easy spread of this virus, Bamboo Airways is taking measures to reduce the risk of passengers contracting the virus. Onboard, the airline is complying with regulations and recommendations from domestic and foreign authorities. Meanwhile, the flight crew will be highly specialized personnel who have been carefully selected by the airline and trained to provide maximum health safety for passengers and crew alike.

Crew Bamboo
The crew of this flight will be trained to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus onboard. Photo: Bamboo Airways

In addition, in coordination with authorities, the airline will check the health of passengers prior to boarding. And, after returning from Prague, the aircraft will undergo a complete disinfection from the cockpit to the cabin to the cargo hold.

A big step forward for Bamboo Airways

Although this first flight comes at a time of global crisis, Bamboo Airways is doing its part to help get citizens home. While other repatriation flights are operated by large, well-known flag carriers, as a startup, Bamboo Airways is lending its support to this global cause.

Bamboo Airways is a new player in the Vietnamese market. Photo: Bamboo Airways

In addition, Bamboo Airways remains committed to serving the Hanoi-Prague route. First with twice-weekly flights and then increasing if there is passenger demand. The start date of those commercial flights, however, depends on both market conditions and the course of the pandemic. Even beyond Prague, Bamboo is seeking to launch services far and wide including to Germany and, perhaps, the United States should conditions be favorable.

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