Hero Doctor Saves The Day Onboard Bamboo Airways Flight

Yesterday, a Bamboo Airways flight from Hanoi (HAN) to Buon Ma Thuot (BMV) experienced a medical emergency in the skies above Vietnam. Thankfully, a doctor traveling on the flight stepped up to help, resulting in a happy ending all around.

Bamboo Airways, Medical Emergency, Doctor
A doctor came to the rescue when a medical emergency unfolded onboard a Bamboo Airways flight yesterday. Photos: Bamboo Airways

Bamboo Airways this morning shared the story of a doctor on board who came to the aid of a passenger experiencing seizures. The airline referred to the gentleman as “The angel who wore the Barcelona shirt on the flight QH1401”. After explaining the story, the airline went on to thank the off duty doctor for his selfless actions.

Bamboo Airways flight 1401

Flight QH 1401 operated by Bamboo Airways is the outbound portion of a daily rotation between Hanoi and Buon Ma Thuot. The flight is scheduled to depart from Hanoi at 14:45. Following a 1-hour and 45-minute flight, the aircraft is due to arrive in Buon Ma Thuot at 16:00.

Yesterday, the aircraft departed from Hanoi around 10 minutes late at 14:55 according to FlightRadar24. Around an hour into the flight, a female passenger began to experience seizures towards the middle of the Airbus A320. Flight attendants rushed to help the lady when a doctor who happened to be traveling on the flight made himself known.

Bamboo Airways, Medical Emergency, Doctor
The incident unfolded onboard a Bamboo Airways flight from Hanoi. Photo: FlightRadar24.com

Medical emergency

Responding to the medical emergency, the doctor took charge of the patient. Bamboo Airways’ cabin crew assisted by providing the gentleman with the aircraft’s emergency kit. The airline says that the afflicted passenger showed signs of improvement when supplemental oxygen was provided.

As the aircraft was near the top of its descent when the incident unfolded, it continued with its journey to Buon Ma Thuot. The aircraft’s pilots communicated with those on the ground and arranged for an ambulance to meet the aircraft upon arrival at its destination.

Selfless act

At this point, the doctor could have handed the patient over to the paramedics and continued on with his journey. However, the doctor abandoned his journey, putting the patient first. He didn’t even stop to collect his luggage. Only when the passenger arrived at the hospital around 20 minutes later, and her condition had improved, the doctor handed over responsibility for the passenger.

Bamboo Airways, Medical Emergency, Doctor
A Bamboo Airways representative thanked the doctor for his assistance. Photo: Bamboo Airways via Facebook

Following the patient’s handover at the local hospital, the doctor, still wearing the Barcelona football shirt, returned to Buon Ma Thuot airport. Here he was met by a Bamboo Airways representative who reunited the gentleman with the luggage he left onboard the aircraft.

Following the incident, the airline issued a public statement on Facebook stating:

“Bamboo Airways would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to you – The angel who wore Barcelona shirt on flight QH1401 on 23/10/2019. We are pleased to welcome you on-board and serve you again!”

Simple Flying attempted to contact a representative of Bamboo Airways in relation to this story.

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