Bamboo Airways Will Launch Boeing 787 Flights To Melbourne

Vietnam startup airline Bamboo Airways is set to launch its first flights… to Melbourne, Australia! The long-anticipated long-haul route with its Boeing 787 will fly to Australia from its hub in Hanoi, becoming the first route to travel outside of Asia.

Bamboo Airways has signed an MOU to operate a direct link between the two cities. Photo: Bamboo Airways.

What are the details?

Revealed in a Facebook post, the airline published all the details of their new route ‘down under’, from Hanoi to Melbourne direct.

Bamboo Airways Will Launch Boeing 787 Flights To Melbourne
The new route. Photo: GCMaps

The airline already flies routes to South Korea, Japan, Macau, and Taiwan, but they are all relatively short-haul compared to this monster route. It also has an extensive domestic network operated by a short-haul fleet that is carving up the competition.

What aircraft will it use?

It will be flown by their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, which has four first class suites, 24 business class seats and 274 seats in economy. The first class suites are kind of like the ones seen onboard ANA, with their closed off design, whilst business class features a 1-2-1 herringbone configuration. Economy is in a 3-3-3 configuration with 31 inches of pitch.

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787 Seatmap
The seating configuration for a Bamboo Airways Boeing 787. Photo: Bamboo Airways

“Bamboo Airways plans to operate Hanoi – Melbourne direct route by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner which will join the Airline’s fleet in the QIV/2019. This is a modern wide-body aircraft that is fuel-efficient, suitable for long-haul flights across continents.” – Bamboo press release

When will the route launch?

When the route will begin is a little confusing, as the press release only mentions that it will be operated by a new Boeing 787-9 due to be delivered sometime before Christmas. Airlines can put a new aircraft to work almost instantly or within a few weeks, so we can only really say sometime very early next year.

Bamboo Airways Boeing 787
Bamboo Airways is leasing a Boeing 787 from one of their “partners”. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Now, we should mention that this is technically just a memorandum of understanding, not a locked-in deal.

According to the MoU on the promotion of Hanoi – Melbourne direct route, Melbourne Airport will support Bamboo Airways in form of legitimate incentives, such as fees for ground handling service, navigation, airport representative office, and co-branded marketing activities, etc.” – Bamboo press release

Bamboo Airways will partner with Melbourne Airport for a variety of promotions and events, as you would expect for a new airline opening up a new route between the two cities. There is actually no direct service between the two and this route, if operated regularly, will open up a whole new region of travel between the two countries.

This is likely the first of many routes by the airline, with plenty more on the way as they try to realize their ambitious plans of 100 aircraft by 2024. Whilst other authors might be doubtful of this ambition, this type of smart route planning is evidence that this quirky little airline is here to stay.

What do you think about this new route? Will you be flying it? Let us know in the comments.