Bamboo Airways To Sell Unlimited Flight Passes

Bamboo Airways is launching a flight pass program. Participants can pay a one time fee and fly an unlimited number of flights with the carrier through October 28th. In addition, flight pass members will also get a host of other benefits including a resort credit.

Bamboo Airways
Bamboo Airways is launching an unlimited flight pass. Photo: Bamboo Airways

The flight pass program

In a Facebook post, the carrier announced the start of a flight pass program.

RA MẮT SIÊU PHẨM BAY KHÔNG GIỚI HẠN VỚI VÉ 0Đ – BAMBOO PASS UNLIMITED 9,8 triệu đồng có khi chỉ mua được 1 vé bay khứ…

Posted by Bamboo Airways on Sunday, 12 April 2020

The cost is VND 9.8 million. This equates to about US$420 – an amazing deal for an unlimited number of flights. Members have access to all domestic flights until October 28, 2020. Passengers on this plan can fly free on the basic fare of the Bamboo Eco ticket with 15 kg of checked baggage and another 7 kg of hand baggage. Travel must be secured, however, at least 24 hours before departure.

Bamboo Airways To Sell Unlimited Flight Passes
For VND 9.8 million, passengers can fly an unlimited number of domestic flights. Photo: Bamboo Airways

In addition, subscribers will also receive a free three days and two nights credit at an FLC resort. According to the airline, this is worth VND 9.6 million alone. Passengers will also receive an Emerald Club card which is the lowest tier of Bamboo Club – the airline’s frequent flier program. Emerald Club members receive priority arrangement to rebook flights in case of irregularities.

Bamboo Pass Business

Another program that the airline is offering is a Bamboo Pass Business voucher. Passengers can choose to buy a set number of roundtrip business class flights on the busy Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City route at any time of the year. The unlimited flight pass is a special promotion valid until October 28th.

Bamboo airways plane
Business class passengers can purchase a voucher for a given number of flights a year between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City up in the front of the plane. Photo: Bamboo Airways

For this program, passengers can buy 12 business class tickets to be used within three months of activation with one free night at an FLC resort for VND 58,860,000 or about US$2,000. 20 tickets are available for VND 91,500,000 or about US$3,900 with two free nights at an FLC resort within three months of voucher activation.

Lastly, for very frequent fliers, you can receive four free nights at an FLC resort and 40 flights for VND 169,800,000 or about US$7,300. However, unlike the other vouchers, this one is active for six months.

Bamboo Airways To Sell Unlimited Flight Passes
Business class packages come with free nights at an FLC resort. Photo: Bamboo Airways

With all three of these packages, customers will earn three times the number of reward points for their flights. This can give passengers a nice little boost.

Why is Bamboo Airways doing this?

Flight pass programs are nothing new. That being said, they also are not very common. From April 16th, Bamboo Airways will start to resume its domestic flight schedules. This voucher is certainly a way for the airline to earn some cash and encourage people to travel with the airline. Amid this period of downturn, airlines are trying to sell as many tickets as possible.

For VND 9.8 million (~US$420), you can fly one roundtrip between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on Bamboo Airways during the peak season. During the low season, this increases to five flights. With that in mind, if you have plans to travel domestically in Vietnam more than five times through October, then the flight pass certainly would be worth it.

Do you think this flight pass program is worth it? Will you sign up? Let us know in the comments!