Bamboo Airways Wants To Start Flying To The US With 20 Dreamliners On Order

Bamboo Airways finally launched commercial services in January. Now, the airline is eyeing up flights to the US with a number of B787 and A321s on order. It looks like one of these routes could be to San Francisco. However, Simple Flying is currently unable to confirm this.

Bamboo Airways was slated to launch back on 10th October, however, a delay in certification pushed this back. After many new dates reported by Simple Flying, Bamboo finally began services on 16th January. Coincidently the Vietnamese airline received their first A321neo that same day.

Bamboo US Flights
Bamboo Airways also received its first A321neo aircraft in January. Photo: Bamboo Airways

Vietnamese Growth

Bamboo Airways was founded by the FLC Group. The FLC Group owns a number of resorts across Vietnam. Much like the European tour operators TUI and Thomas Cook, they have founded an airline division. The new airline division will allow Bamboo to ferry FLC’s passengers to their resorts. However, The FLC group is also aiming to open up its resorts to new markets.

Vietnam’s tourism industry is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. This is something which the FLC Group wishes to take advantage of. As well as ferrying domestic passengers to Vietnam, they hope to also entice foreign visitors with their planned international routes. Additionally, the routes won’t just be open to FLC guests. Like Thomas Cook flights, though aimed at those on package holidays, anybody can book the flights.

Bamboo US Flights
Bamboo Airways’ current route network. Image: Bamboo Airways

Diverse Fleet On Order

Bamboo Airways has ordered a rather diverse fleet of aircraft. In fact, it has a mix of 44 Boeing and Airbus on order. Bamboo has 20 B787 aircraft on order from Boeing. These would likely be used to operate the long haul US routes planned by the airline. Additionally, Bamboo Airways has 24 Airbus A321neo aircraft on order. The first of these has already been delivered to the airline back in January.

Ambitious Expansion Plans

Bamboo is currently operating 11 routes between 8 cities. As such, the airline has hubs in Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Ninh City. This is expected to quickly increase to 37 domestic routes. Japan, Korea, and Singapore are likely to be the first international destinations for the airline. Eventually, the airline has plans to operate to 100 destinations.

Bamboo US Flights
A graphic on the airline’s website indicates San Francisco will be served. Source: Bamboo Airways

Looking at the Bamboo Airways website, It seems as though flights to San Francisco are also planned. A graphic at the top of the Route Network page indicates that flights would operate from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Another destination in the US is shown off of the map. Simple Flying believes this could potentially be in Las Vegas or Denver. These would be in addition to European routes. The airline’s website says: “By 2021, Bamboo Airways is expected to expand direct flights to the US and Europe. This will help our passengers reduce transit flights, saving time and money.”

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