Two Arrested After Car Smashes Into Barcelona Airport

There was drama at Barcelona El Prat Airport this morning. Two individuals were arrested after a car was deliberately driven into Terminal 1. Thankfully, nobody was injured, however, reports suggest that the pair arrested were shouting Islamic slogans.

Barcelona Airport, Car Attack, Coronavirus
A car was driven into Terminal 1 at Barcelona Airport today. Photo: Getty Images

Spain is currently under lockdown due to the global virus crisis. As such, demand for flights has tanked and airports are, fortunately, empty. When a car was deliberately driven into Barcelona’s Terminal 1 earlier today, there were no injuries thankfully as the airport had very few people inside.

What happened?

According to Reuters, this morning a vehicle was deliberately driven into Terminal 1 of the Barcelona El Prat Airport. The publication reports that the two men were Albanian citizens. The motive of the attack has not been identified at this time.


However, reports suggest that the two men were shouting Islamic slogans before their arrest. It was unclear whether the car had been driven into the airport at high speed as photos of the scene didn’t appear to show any damage.


The car, which appears to be a Renault Captur, was searched by a specialist team of police who confirmed that there were no explosives in the vehicle. It was later removed from the terminal through same revolving door by which it entered.

According to Reuters, in a press conference, the Regional Chief of Police said:

“When they were detained, they made an Islamist-type proclamation and we do not know yet what their intention was”

An empty airport

Thankfully, as the airport was virtually empty at the time, there were no injuries reported in the incident. As Spain is currently on lockdown, very few people were at the airport at the time, most likely workers. In fact, according to FlightRadar24, 267 outbound and 251 inbound flights have been canceled at the airport today at the time of writing.

Barcelona Airport, Car Attack, Coronavirus
A few flights are still operating to and from Barcelona Airport. Photo:

The airport isn’t completely closed, however, with a number of flights still running as scheduled. In fact, the map above shows most of the flights that were in the air heading to or from Barcelona at the time of writing. Travel within Europe has been severely restricted as a  result of the pandemic.

For example, while flights are still operating in Germany, the authorities are only letting people into the country with good reason, such as citizens and residents. Additionally, individual countries have closed their borders in an attempt to stem the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

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