10 Things You Should Know About Beijing’s New Daxing Airport


The excitement is really building around Beijing’s new Daxing Airport as it gets closer to opening its doors. On Monday, we reported that China United Airlines would be the first carrier to use the new airport. Now, the airline’s first aircraft has already been ferried over.

Beijing Daxing Airport, Beijing Daxing, New Beijing Airport
Beijing Daxing Airport has a unique design. Photo: MA Long via Wikimedia

Whether you’re looking to fly through Beijing Daxing soon or some time in the future, here are 10 things you need to know about the airport to help your travels go smoothly:

1. Location

Beijing’s new Daxing Airport is located around 50km south of the city of Beijing. The airport is located in the Daxing district in Beijing, hence its name. It is located close to the border between Beijing and the Hebei Province.

2. Opening

Beijing Daxing Airport is due to officially open on the 30th of September. Prior to its opening, there will be some activity in preparation, such as positioning aircraft.

3. Launch airline

China United Airlines is set to be the launch airline for the airport. The airline is currently the only user of Beijing Nanyuan Airport. This will close when the airline moves its operations to Daxing in one big overnight operation.

Beijing Daxing Airport, China United Airlines, New Beijing Airport
China United Airlines is to become the first operator at Beijing’s Daxing Airport. Photo: byeangel via Flickr

4. Other airlines

Daxing currently has 15 other airlines lined up to use its facility. This consists of seven Chinese airlines and eight international airlines:

Chinese AirlinesInternational Airlines
Air ChinaBritish Airways
Capital AirlinesFinnair
China Eastern AirlinesI-Fly Airlines
China Postal AirlinesLOT Polish Airlines
China Southern AirlinesMalaysia Airlines
China United AirlinesRoyal Air Maroc
Hebei AirlinesRoyal Brunei Airlines
Juneyao Airlines

5. City connections

Daxing’s new subway connection opened on the 15th of September. It sees the airport linked to Caoqiao Station in Beijing. However, the line is due to be expanded beyond Caoqiao. Also due to open this month is a high-speed rail connection between Beijing Daxing Airport and Beijing West Railway Station. Running at 250kmph, the connection will take 20 minutes to reach the city from the airport.

6. Size

Beijing Daxing Airport has been designed to act as a mega airport. The terminal building is over 1,000,000 square meters in size making it the largest single-building airport terminal in the world, according to the BBC. However, the huge size doesn’t stop there. According to the China Aviation Review, China Southern Airlines has built a hangar capable of holding two A380s, three B777s and three A320s all at once.

7. Runways

The new airport at Daxing will have no shortage of runways when it opens. In fact, there are four concrete runways available for use. One, 01L/19R is 3,400 meters long. The other three (17L/35R, 17R/35L, and 11L/29R) are all 3,800 meters long.


8. Projected passengers

Beijing Daxing Airport expects some significant growth over time. By 2021 the airport will handle 45 million passengers per year. However, this is set to increase to 75 million by 2025.

9. Identifiers

The airport’s official name is Beijing Daxing International Airport or 北京大兴国际机场 in Chinese. IATA has given the airport the identifier PKX, meanwhile, ICAO has given Daxing the identifier ZBAD.

Beijing Daxing Airport, Beijing Daxing, New Beijing Airport
A China Southern Airbus A380 helps to test the airport in May. Photo: N509FZ via Wikimedia

10. Testing

Hopefully, the opening of the new airport will go without a hitch. There has been a large amount of testing going on behind the scenes from pretend passengers to real aircraft. In May Simple Flying reported that flight testing had begun.

Are you due to fly from Daxing Airport? Are you excited for its opening? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!