Berlin’s Cursed Ghost Airport May Finally Open

Berlin’s Brandenburg Airport is well known for its status as a huge white elephant. The airport was originally due to open way back in October 2011, however, it is still yet to be completed. It is now expected that the airport may open in October 2020. Lufthansa is one of the first airlines to get a terminal assignment.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Lufthansa
Lufthansa was one of the first airlines to be allocated a terminal at the new Berlin airport. Photo: Lufthansa

Whether the airport will actually open in October 2020 is anybody’s guess. The ghost airport has hit the news several times, with the airport’s opening delayed for a number of reasons. While the more interesting excuses include escalators being too short, four thousand doors were also incorrectly numbered.

Terminal allocation

Flight Global reports that the airport’s operators are currently in the process of assigning terminals at Berlin Brandenburg Airport to different airlines. easyJet will share Terminal 1 with Lufthansa. Eurowings, which is also a part of the Lufthansa group, will be located in Terminal 2. According to the publication, another 80 airlines are set to be allocated terminals in batches over the coming weeks.

Engelbert Lutke Daldrup, the CEO of the airport’s operating company told the publication: “Preparations for operations at BER are entering a new phase. The airport, the airlines and other partners have all been individually busy with the start of airline operations, and now we are starting joint preparations together”

Berlin Brandenburg Airport Interior
The terminal was yet to be completed four months before it was originally due to open. Photo: Dabbelju via Wikimedia

What do you do with a ghost airport?

Having been largely built many years ago, the ghost airport has had to have some maintenance in order to stay ready for a potential opening. The BBC reports that in 2018, the airport was forced to replace all of its flight information screens, 750 to be exact, at a cost of half a million euros. Why was this action necessary? Well, the screens had burnt out since being installed.

As no aircraft have been using Berlin Brandenburg Airport, it has been open for a number of interesting uses. If you’re the athletic type, the airport holds plenty of relevant events. During some summer seasons, bike tours have been held. For just €15, those on the tour are taken around the airports exterior.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Those who hate airport traffic should like the new Berlin Airport. Photo: Jon Worth via Flickr

Additionally, in April, a nighttime run was held at the airport. Almost 7,000 runners participated in a number of events ranging from a 10km run to a complete half marathon. The airport also hit the headlines when it was used to park some 250,000 Volkswagen cars when the factory ran out of space according to

Will the airport open?

While the airport is open to ghost trains, no passengers are currently browsing the duty-free. These trains are simply running to keep the underground tunnels ventilated.

The fact that airlines are beginning to receive terminals is positive news, as it shows that the airport could be making progress. They wouldn’t announce this if they didn’t believe they could open. However, given the history of the airport, any news should be taken with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, the airport will finally open next year.

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