Which Airlines Are Flying To Bermuda?

Bermuda airport was closed to all non-resident travelers on March 20 after its first two diagnosed cases of COVID-19 were confirmed. The government eased travel restrictions on July 1 and four of the seven international airlines that serve the island have resumed flights, although passengers have to meet specific requirements before and during their visit.

JetBlue A320 taking off
JetBlue is among the airlines flying to Bermuda. Photo: JetBlue

Airlines operating to Bermuda pre-COVID-19

Before the global pandemic shook the world, seven airlines operated international flights to Bermuda – two from Canada, one from the UK, and four from the US. The services were:

  • Air Canada from Toronto
  • American Airlines from New York, Miami and Philadelphia
  • British Airways from London Gatwick
  • Delta Air Lines from New York, Boston and Atlanta
  • JetBlue from JFK and Boston
  • United from Newark (seasonal)
  • WestJet from Toronto

However, when the coronavirus arrived in Bermuda, the airport was closed to international visitors.

Bermuda from the air
The beautiful island of Bermuda has reopened to visitors. Photo: Peter Burka via Flickr

COVID-19 hits the island paradise

The first two cases of COVID-19 on the island were confirmed on March 18, both imported by overseas travelers. One was a passenger on American Airlines flight AA305 from Miami, Florida, who arrived on March 4, and the second arrived on British Airways flight BA2233 from London Gatwick on March 6.

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Subsequently, on March 20, the Bermuda government imposed a travel ban on general visitors and the airport was closed to non-resident passengers. The island went into a strict lockdown, and citizens were subject to a curfew.

As the number of cases was brought under control, the government began to ease the restrictions. The airport was reopened to international travelers on July 1. Visitors still have to comply with pre-travel and entry requirements.

At the time of writing, Bermuda had 157 confirmed cases with 144 recovered, four active but non-hospitalized, and nine deceased.

Air Canada A320
Air Canada has resumed flights to Bermuda. Photo: Air Canada

Resumed flights to Bermuda

Four airlines have currently resumed flights to Bermuda, although on a reduced schedule. They are:

  • Air Canada, flight AC942 from Toronto on Thursdays. (Additionally on Fridays from August 21)
  • British Airways flight BA2233 from London Gatwick on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Delta Air Lines flight DL656 from Atlanta daily except for Sundays and Tuesdays
  • JetBlue flight B6 203 from Boston daily except for Thursdays and some exceptions
  • JetBlue flight B6 1731 from JFK daily except for Tuesdays and Thursdays

Visitors to the island must comply with an order from the Quarantine Authority (Minister of Health) of Bermuda, which…

“…requires visitors to have a negative pre-departure test result to travel to Bermuda, taken no more than 7 days before departure. As of 11 July 2020 visitors without a negative pre-departure test result cannot obtain Travel Authorisation. This applies to all visitors who have been in a country classified by the WHO as having community transmission of COVID-19 (this includes the US, UK and Canada).”

Despite the relatively low number of COVID-19 cases in Bermuda, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a level 3 warning advising people to avoid all nonessential travel to the island as it is considered high risk. But, according to the UK Foreign Office, Bermuda is exempt from travel restrictions.

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