A Round Up Of The Best Black Friday Flight Deals – 2019


Oh boy its that time of year again, Black Friday! Simple Flying has hunted across the internet to find you the very best flight deals for Black Friday weekend. The majority of these are discounts on specific destinations, rather than a blanket discount across the network.

Subscription airline
Who doesn’t want to fly as much as they can? Source: Pexels.com

Now, the best way to search for deals specific to you is to open up each of these links and set your home airport (or whatever is best) and see what you can find. I don’t recommend using Skyscanner entirely (whilst you should use that as well), as some of the deals need you to use a code at checkout (thus you might miss it on a normal flight search website).

So without further ado, lets dive right in.

Air Canada

Air Canada, Airbus A220, logo mishap
Air Canada is offering 20% off flights. Photo: Air Canada

Starting off this list is Air Canada, with their Black Friday deals. Its a code, BLACKFRIDAYEU18, for 20% select flights. Which flights? Search here.


WestJet is based in Calgary. Photo: WestJet

Not to be outdone by their rival, WestJet is also offering a Black Friday sale. It is another search engine so your best bet is to have a quick look before moving on.


A LATAM Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Photo: LATAM Airlines

LATAM won last year with their Black Friday deal, with some crazy flights from Australia to South America. And they might do it again. Log onto their site to see some deals that apply from your region. 

Some of the deals that are posted on the LATAM website. Photo: LATAM


Emirates is offering some amazingly cheap round trips. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Emirates is offering a bunch of round trip flights from its international hub cities, and from the 12 cities, it offers services to in the USA. Flights are starting from $449 and go up from there.

Emirates has a range of deals on their website. Photo: Emirates


Qatar Airways Boeing B777-300ER
$300 off the legendary Qatar business product. Photo: Qatar Airways

Not to be caught out by Emirates, Qatar has also launched a Black Friday promotion. And some of these discounts are crazy, like $300 off the Q-suite and economy return with $150 off. You have to use the code FlyDay in order to get the discount (don’t worry, its super obvious).

Qatar’s Black Friday deal. Photo: Qatar


Etihad couple seats
Etihad’s couple seats on the A330. Photo: Jay Singh/Simple Flying

Etihad has a limited Black Friday sale on with discounts across their range of destinations. It appears only to be for their US-based website so be sure to change it when you log on. Check it out here

Etihad didn’t want to miss out. Photo: Etihad

Air France & KLM

Both the two airlines, KLM and Air France have joined up to offer triple earnings on their Flying Blue frequent flyer program. If you fly with them a lot and you are close to getting great status, then perhaps this deal is right for you.


Iberia A330
Make a stopover in Madrid as a part of your vacation. Photo: Iberia

Iberia is offering a range of discounts on flights (watch out these are one way) and might be a fantastic deal if you are in Spain (or want to go there!). Check out the flights here.

Iberia is offering a range of cheap flights. Photo: Iberia


Hawaiian Airlines A330
Hawaiian Airlines is offering some hidden deals. Photo: Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian is offering some discounted fares, but as mentioned you need to search online to find the actual fares yourself. Here is the search portal. 



JetBlue A321XLR
JetBlue could get you away for a cheap weekend. Photo: Airbus

Whilst not specifically Black Friday, JetBlue is offering plenty of flights for discounted prices. Check out the deals here. 

Some of the deals on the JetBlue website. Photo: JetBlue

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Boeing
Some awesome deals to be had. Photo: Alaska Airlines

This airline has a range of saver deals that are actually quite decent.

Here are some of the deals:

Only some of the deals on offer. Photo: Alaska

You can check the deals out here


Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines A350
Japan Airlines, or JAL, has a deal for those who can read Japanese. Photo: Airbus

This deal is very Japanese (even the site is in Japanese) but if you can wade through it and if it applies to you, you might be able to get a deal.

Here is the link. 

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus to increase flights to America and add new European routes in 2020. Photo: Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus is offering the following:

This Black Flyday we are taking $100* off roundtrip Economy fares or $200* off roundtrip business fares on scheduled transatlantic flights from the US & Canada to Europe”

You can check out their deals here.

Aer Lingus deals. Photo: Aer Lingus


Icelandair 737 MAX
Icelandair is offering a discount on flights from the USA to Iceland. Photo: Icelandair

This is a bit of an odd one. They are offering discounts to Iceland from the USA (good if you have been keen to go there) but that is pretty much it. I can’t say for sure if its a huge saving (E.g. Boston to Reykjavík), but check it out. 

United Airlines

United has taken a different approach to Black Friday, offering a discount on its combined holiday and flight packages. You can see specifics here.

The two codes to get a big discount on the carrier. Photo: United

If you are set on United, be sure to check out their normal deal page here. 

American Airlines

American Airlines is offering deals on its holiday packages. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

American Airlines has followed in United’s footsteps and is offering much the same with the code Friday2019. You can see their holiday package deals here. 

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines 717
Delta has a huge range of route discounts. Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta is offering a range of discounts throughout its network, including domestic and international. Here is the link to check out the complete list, but otherwise check out below.

FromTo Price
Miami, FL (MIA)New York, NY (NYC)$187
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (PUJ)$567
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Nassau, Bahamas (NAS)$423
Detroit, MI (DTW)Nagoya, Japan (NGO)$1,121
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (PUJ)$417
Albuquerque, NM (ABQ)Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)$172
San Jose, CA (SJC)Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)$147
Albuquerque, NM (ABQ)Atlanta, GA (ATL)$324
Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)Sacramento, CA (SMF)$172
Detroit, MI (DTW)Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (PUJ)$616
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (GCM)$542
Seattle, WA (SEA)San Jose, CA (SJC)$137
Austin, TX (AUS)Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)$177
Detroit, MI (DTW)Nassau, Bahamas (NAS)$478
Miami, FL (MIA)Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)$192
Seattle, WA (SEA)Sacramento, CA (SMF)$127
Detroit, MI (DTW)Shanghai (SHA)$847
Atlanta, GA (ATL)San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)$393
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Munich, Germany (MUC)$792
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Nassau, Bahamas (NAS)$478
Austin, TX (AUS)New York, NY (NYC)$179
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Sacramento, CA (SMF)$299
Detroit, MI (DTW)Seoul Area Airports, South Korea (SEL)$1,748
Detroit, MI (DTW)Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (GCM)$521
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (GCM)$521
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Shanghai (SHA)$812
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Seoul Area Airports, South Korea (SEL)$1,638
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)$783
Albuquerque, NM (ABQ)Los Angeles, CA (LAX)$117
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Seoul Area Airports, South Korea (SEL)$1,767
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Munich, Germany (MUC)$510
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)Beijing/Peking (PEK)$712
New York, NY (NYC)Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)$309
Atlanta, GA (ATL)Beijing/Peking (PEK)$762
Seattle, WA (SEA)Osaka, Japan (KIX)$744
Miami, FL (MIA)Raleigh/Durham, NC (RDU)$134
Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)Beijing/Peking (PEK)$505
New York, NY (NYC)Milan-Malpensa, Italy (MXP)$445
Milwaukee, WI (MKE)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$970
New York, NY (NYC)Rome, Italy (FCO)$305
Detroit, MI (DTW)San Jose, CA (SJC)$239
Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$696
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN (MSP)San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)$527
Detroit, MI (DTW)San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)$507
Austin, TX (AUS)Las Vegas, NV (LAS)$184
Cincinnati, OH (CVG)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$820
Chicago, IL (CHI)Munich, Germany (MUC)$655
St. Louis, MO (STL)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$590
Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Sydney, Australia (SYD)$922
Miami, FL (MIA)Munich, Germany (MUC)$650
Nashville, TN (BNA)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$1,102
Seattle, WA (SEA)Munich, Germany (MUC)$599
Orlando, FL (MCO)Milan-Malpensa, Italy (MXP)$799
Boston, MA (BOS)Rome, Italy (FCO)$575
Memphis, TN (MEM)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$1,102
Miami, FL (MIA)Milan-Malpensa, Italy (MXP)$699
Austin, TX (AUS)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$1,102
Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Milan-Malpensa, Italy (MXP)$639
Chicago, IL (CHI)Rome, Italy (FCO)$438
Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Rome, Italy (FCO)$700
San Diego, CA (SAN)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$870
San Jose, CA (SJC)Tokyo Area Airports, Japan (TYO)$1,108
Los Angeles, CA (LAX)Osaka, Japan (KIX)$888


Southwest is offering a huge range of flights. Photo: Southwest Airlines

Southwest has a huge range of fares on offer and it would be impossible for us to list them all here. Go check out the one-way fares here. 

Southwest’s fares are quite extensive. Photo: Southwest


Finnair passengers skip immigration and customs in Chicago. Photo: Mark Finlay/Flickr

A bit of a stranger to these types of lists, Finnair should NOT be discounted (from your mind) but discounted from your wallet (save that money). They have some impressive deals that should be considered if you plan to fly Europe to Asia. Check them out here. 

Some of the deals are super cheap. Photo: Finnair


NAS B737-800 at airport gate
NAS will sell five B737-800s by the end of 2019. Photo: Norwegian

Now we get to some of the better (read, crazy) deals. Norwegian is offering up to 30% off all flights with the code BLACKFRIDAY19. You can check out all the deals here.

An example of the deals on offer from Norwegian. Photo: Norwegian

Virgin Atlantic

The new Virgin Atlantic A350 will be part of the deal. Photo: Tom Boon Simple Flying

Virgin Atlantic has been offering some incredible deals all week, revealing a different set of deals per day during the lead up to Black Friday. Check it out here.

Virgin Atlantic’s deals. Photo: Virgin Atlantic

British Airways

British Airways, Boeing 787-10, Atlanta
British Airways has some interesting discounts for Black Friday. Photo: Tom Boon – British Airways

Not to be outdone by their Virgin competitor, British Airways has put them on notice with their own take of Black Friday. Lots of deals if you also want to get a hotel too!

Black and White sale for British Airways. Photo: British Airways

Singapore Airlines

Sitting on board the Singapore A350! Photo: Simple Flying

Singapore has launched its very own Black Friday specials, featuring some nice discounts from all of their destinations. With such a large route network, you are sure to find a good deal. 

Singapore Airlines Black Friday deals. Photo: Singapore Airlines

Cathay Pacific

The somewhat struggling airline has launched a new sale on its already massively discounted fares, up to 70% off seats. That’s not a typo. For example, just over $500 round trip to LA from Hong Kong.

Up to 70% off economy and premium economy tickets. Photo: Cathay Pacific

Check out the deals here. 


Qantas, being Australian, has not launched a Black Friday sale. Photo: Qantas News Room.

Qantas has not published a specific Black Friday deal page, but Skyscanner has managed to pull up some deals from the carrier.

Return FlightsPrices fromTravel Date
Adelaide <> Las Vegas$96012 Feb – 19 Feb 2020
Sydney <> Vanuatu$4825 Feb – 13 Feb 2020
Sydney <> New Caledonia$4454 Mar – 8 Mar 2020
Perth <> Auckland$73420 Feb – 5 Mar 2020
Perth <> Honolulu$85520 Apr – 2 May 2020

Virgin Australia

Vigin Australia A330-200
You could win your flight back on Virgin Australia. Photo: Virgin Australia

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Virgin Australia is offering flights to Los Angeles from $899 return and when you book your flight, you have the chance to win your flight back – up to $1000 per booking.

Some sale examples below alongside our partner Delta Air Lines:

  • Sydney to Los Angeles from $899 AUD return
  • Melbourne to Las Vegas from $989 AUD return
  • Adelaide to New York from $1329 AUD return
  • Perth to New York from $1419 AUD return
  • Brisbane to New York from $1315 AUD return

Sale on until 4 December. More details here: https://specials.virginaustralia.com/au/sale/thanksgiving

More details on how to win your flight back here: https://specials.virginaustralia.com/winbackyourflight

La Compagnie

Flights will be scheduled on the airline’s A321neo business-class only service. Photo: La Compagnie

An interesting find by Business Insider is a deal for that exclusive ‘all-business class’ airline. They are offering flights for just $1,000 round trip Paris to New York. What an experience for an insane price!

What do you think? Did you take advantage of the deals this year? Let us know in the comments.