Which Airlines Have The Biggest Boeing 737 MAX Orders?

With talk of the Boeing 737 MAX entering the recertification process in October, it is certainly possible that the aircraft could take to the skies again soon. While Boeing hasn’t stopped making the aircraft, deliveries have paused. Around 5,000 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have been ordered by 79 companies. Simple Flying takes a look at 10 of the largest airline orders for the Boeing 737 MAX.

Boeing 737 MAX orders
Which airlines have the biggest Boeing 737 MAX orders? Photo: Boeing

1. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines placed the first order for the Boeing 737 MAX on the 13th of December 2011. Their current order stands at 280 aircraft, of which 31 have been delivered. This leaves 249 aircraft outstanding. As such, Southwest Airlines is the largest single customer of the Boeing 737 MAX.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest has the largest single Boeing 737 MAX order. Photo: Southwest Airlines

2. flydubai

The next largest customer of the Boeing 737 MAX is flydubai. The United Arab Emirates low-cost carrier has a total of 251 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. The order was placed on the 31st of December 2013. Additionally, the first of 14 aircraft that have been delivered to the airline arrived on the 31st of July 2017.

flydubai Boeing 737 MAX order
flydubai has the second-largest Boeing 737 MAX order. Photo: Boeing

3. Lion Air

Lion Air clocks the third biggest order for the Boeing 737 MAX with 201 of the aircraft. The airline originally placed its order on 22nd of February 2012. To date, the airline has also received 14 aircraft. However, one of these sadly crashed, leading in part to the current 737 MAX grounding.

Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX
14 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have been delivered to Lion Air. Photo: Boeing

4. VietJet Air

VietJet Air is launching two new routes to India by the end of the year using Airbus A320 family aircraft. The airline has an order for 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft originally placed on the 22nd of May 2016. However, is yet to receive its first order.

VietJet has 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. Photo: Boeing

4.5. IAG

IAG has not placed a formal Boeing 737 MAX order, hence its position between 4 and 5. The airline group issued a letter of intent for 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft during the Paris Air Show. These could be delivered as soon as 2022.

British Airways Comair Boeing 737 MAX 8 landing
IAG could order 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Boeing

5. United Airlines

United Airlines has 137 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. The airline’s original order was placed on the 12th July 2012, and 14 have been delivered so far. Yesterday we reported that United Airlines is sending its 737 MAX fleet into storage.

United Airlines 737
United is sending its MAX aircraft into storage. Photo: Boeing

6. SpiceJet

SpiceJet’s Boeing 737 MAX order is for one less aircraft than United Airlines at 136. The airline’s original order was placed on the 23rd of October 2013. So far seven MAX aircraft have been delivered to SpiceJet.

SpiceJet has received seven MAX aircraft to date. Photo: Boeing

7. GOL Linhas Aereas

Again, with one less order than the previous airline, GOL Linhas Aereas has 135 aircraft from the 737 MAX family on order. The low-cost Brazilian carrier has received six of the aircraft which were originally ordered on the 1st of October 2012.

GOL Linhas Aereas
GOL Linhas Aereas has 135 of the aircraft on order. Photo: Boeing

8. Ryanair

Ryanair also has 135 firm Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. The airline has ordered the -200 variant of the Boeing 737 MAX 8. It was due to receive its first aircraft in April of this year, however, this date was missed due to the aircraft’s grounding. Ryanair’s original MAX order was placed on the 24th of November 2014.

Ryanair was due to receive its first 737 MAX aircraft in April. Photo: Boeing

8.5 Jet Airways

According to Boeing’s order books, Jet Airways has 125 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order since the original order date of 23rd of April 2013. We’ve placed the airline between 8 and 9 as it is currently not operational. However, the airline has not been declared bankrupt yet.

Jet Airways
Jet Airways has 125 MAX aircraft on order according to Boeings books. Photo: Boeing

9. Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian has a total of 110 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order. To date it has received 18 of these aircraft, leaving 92 orders outstanding. As a result of the Boeing 737 MAX grounding, Norwegian has had to scrap its Irish transatlantic routes.

The MAX grounding has caused Norwegian to cut its Irish transatlantic services. Photo: Boeing

10. American Airlines

American Airlines has the 10th largest airline order for the Boeing 737 MAX. The airline has 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on order, and so far 24 of these have been delivered. American Airlines originally placed the order on 1st of February 2013, with the first aircraft being delivered on the 28th of September 2017.

American Airlines
American Airlines has exactly 100 of the aircraft on order. Photo: Bro Dude52 via Wikimedia

Have you flown on a Boeing 737 MAX? What were your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.


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A useful list of airlines to avoid if and when the killer 737 Max is returned to service. I would not risk flying on that 1960’s airframe with those badly situated engines relying on a computer stabilisation system that Boeing don’t think pilots need to know about! This aircraft needs to be properly tested and pilots properly trained as a new aircraft type or the Max should be sent to Victorville and scrapped.

Flemming Stücker

I flew Icelandair MAX KEFYUL in May2018 and nice flight. And a return trip from Copenhagen to Aqaba also MAX with Norwegian. All trips was nice, but as a retired airline manager I will avoid this a/c for a while when back in trafic. Sorry


Flown from Bos to Trinidad with the Max an back on American was very excited to feel how that bird handles an in my opinion it’s a huge upgrade performance wise compared to the previous gen 737 7 *8 *9 versions . This bird is very stable on ascent an descent not to mention it handles cross winds like a charm , I wouldn’t fly on any other aircraft other than CRJ an the Embraer air maybe I will give some consideration to the best looking plane that Airbus ever built a350 or as some would call it Scare-bus .


Ironically, today the India authorities announced that they will be holding off on re-certifying the Max: “We will be conservative, we will wait and watch with respect to 737 MAX matter. Let’s see how it goes. It (Service resumption) should start first in the US and then other major players. We have a small number of such planes with us, out of 400, we only have 12,” Arun Kumar, Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) told reporters today. https://www.cnbctv18.com/aviation/india-will-be-conservative-in-removing-the-ban-on-boeing-737-max-4267391.htm Also – it looks like Lion Air is looking elsewhere for aircraft On March 11, the day after Ethiopian Airlines crash, Lion… Read more »


What rights do airline staff have if they if they don’t want to fly on the Max? Can they refuse to work on it?


They would face losing their jobs, airlines can’t afford to have to have it known staff do not want to fly on the max, that’s why the 3000 pilots who are sueing boeing are staying anonymous.


And DELTA ,the best US carrier has zero order of the Boeing 737 Max.
Basically the best airlines in the world have not ordered this aircraft.


Only the shady airlines with shady track record have ordered this death machine to cull world population, one crash at a time. None at Etihad or Emirates or singapore or Qatar ordered.
maybe they want to kill the budget mid class passengers in 3rd world countries only.

Alex Wathen

I really enjoyed flying on the 737 Max with Southwest Airlines. It is very comfortable and a fast aircraft. It is too bad it had problems and had to be grounded. I look forward to flying it when it returns.


Ah the spectacle of watching max passengers board their flights.. In hushed silence onlookers will be wondering if they will see these people again?
A family are pleading with their son not to take the flight…

Just a thought…