Which Airlines Are Expecting The Most Boeing 777X Aircraft?

Following a delay to the program announced earlier this year, we’re now expecting the first Boeing 777X deliveries sometime in 2022. Lufthansa is expected to be the aircraft’s launch customer, closely followed by Emirates, but how many aircraft has each airline ordered?

Which Airlines Are Expecting The Most Boeing 777X Aircraft?
The first Boeing 777X delivery is now expected in 2022. Photo: Boeing

This year hasn’t been great for orders and deliveries. Indeed, many airlines have delayed deliveries with very few new orders being placed due to the global passenger downturn. However, while we haven’t seen any new 777 orders, we also haven’t seen any being delayed or canceled either. Let’s look at each airlines’ firm orders for the type.

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1. Emirates

Somewhat unsurprisingly, UAE carrier Emirates has the largest order for the Boeing 777X. The airline currently has the largest fleet of Airbus A380s in the world by a long way. This could be a trend with the 777X too. As of the latest Boeing order book, the Dubai-based airline has 115 777Xs on order. The first aircraft going to Emirates have already had their fuselage completed.

Boeing, 777X, orders
Emirates has the largest Boeing 777X order with 115 aircraft. Photo: Boeing

2. Qatar

Sat in second place, with just around half of the Boeing 777Xs that Emirates has on order, is Middle East rival Qatar Airways. According to Boeing’s order book, the airline has 60 aircraft from the Boeing 777X family on order.

Boeing, 777X, orders
Qatar Airways has 60 Boeing 777Xs on order. Photo: Boeing

3. Etihad Airways

Showing the popularity of the Boeing 777X in the Middle East is the third of the region’s big three airlines; Etihad. However, Etihad has a considerably smaller order for the aircraft family than its rivals. On November 13th, 2013, the airline placed a firm order for 25 of the aircraft alongside Lufthansa.

Boeing, 777X, orders
Etihad was one of the first airlines to order the Boeing 777X. Photo: Boeing

4. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has the fourth-largest 777X order on Boeing’s books, but only just. The Hong Kong-based carrier is expecting 21 of the new aircraft. Cathay’s order was placed on December 20th, 2013.

5. Lufthansa/ANA/Singapore Airlines

20 Boeing 777Xs seems to be an incredibly popular number of the aircraft. Indeed, it is the mode average, with Lufthansa, All Nippon Airways, and Singapore Airlines placing orders for that amount.

Boeing, 777X, orders
Lufthansa’s first Boeing 777X has finished fuselage assembly. Photo: Boeing

Lufthansa placed the first firm order on November 17th and is the launch customer for the type. Its aircraft will be delivered with a new business class cabin, with the first fuselage having already been assembled.

All Nippon Airways placed its order for 20 firm aircraft on July 31st, 2014. This was followed by Singapore Airlines on June 19th, 2017.

Boeing, 777X, orders
ANA is expecting 20 Boeing 777Xs. Photo: Boeing

6. British Airways

British Airways placed the most recent and smallest firm order of any named carrier. The airline’s parent, IAG, placed a firm order for 18 Boeing 777-9 aircraft on March 22nd last year. The total order could be as large as 42 aircraft if 24 options are converted later on. British Airways was expecting its first 777X in 2022. However, it is unclear if this date is affected by the program’s delay.

Boeing, 777X, orders
British Airways made the smallest and most recent 777X order. Photo: Boeing

7. Unidentified customer

Finally, an unidentified customer placed an order for ten aircraft on June 4th, 2015. This brings total orders for the Boeing 777X family, including both the 777-8 and 777-9, to 309. The first of the two, the 777-9, took its first flight in January and is currently undergoing flight testing.

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