Oops: Biman Bangladesh 737 Hits 2 Cows Departing Cox Bazar

A Boeing 737-800 belonging to Biman Bangladesh Airlines has reportedly hit two cows while taking off from Cox’s Bazar Airport (CXB) in the country’s southeast. The nearly 11-year-old plane with the registration number S2-AEQ was performing Biman flight number BG-348 from Cox Bazar to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) in the nation’s capital of Dhaka.

The aircraft hit the cows with its right wing. Photo: Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon via Wikimedia

The incident occurred just before six o’clock in the evening local time on Tuesday, November 30th, when taking off from Cox Bazar’s 9,000-foot long runway 17/35L. Apparently, according to The Aviation Herald and local press, the aircraft had just become airborne when a part of the plane struck the two cows.

The pilots continued with the flight

The usual flight time from Cox Bazar to Dhaka is between 30 to 40 minutes, with the aircraft leveling off at 18,000 feet. Realizing that the plane may have been damaged, crews only climbed to 10,000 feet for the 168 nautical mile flight.

Air traffic control and emergency services at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) were informed about what happened and prepared for an emergency landing. Before committing to a landing, the plane made a low flypast over runway 14/32 to allow people on the ground to inspect the landing gear visibly. Once assured that everything looked OK, crews made their final approach, landing some one hour and two minutes after taking off.

Oops: Biman Bangladesh 737 Hits 2 Cows Departing Cox Bazar
The plane circled above the airport before landing. Image RadarBox.com

None of the 94 passengers and six crew members on the flight were injured, but authorities at Cox Bazar Airport confirmed they had found two dead cows on the runway. The local police in Cox Bazar reported that the aircraft’s right wing struck the cows and that the animals had been removed from the runway. At this time, the owner of the cows remains unknown.

The big question here is how the tower could allow the plane to take off while cows were on its only runway. Given that the aircraft was just getting airborne when the incident occurred, it was probably too late to abort the takeoff.

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About Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Founded in 1972, Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the national flag carrier of Bangladesh. The airline’s central hub is at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) in Dhaka. From Dhaka, it flies to seven domestic and 15 international destinations. According to the aviation statistics and data website ch-aviation Biman Bangladesh Airlines fleet is made up of the following aircraft:

6 x Boeing 737-800s
4 x Boeing 777-300ERs
4 X Boeing 787-8s
2 x Boeing 787-9s
5 x De Havilland Aircraft of Canada DHC-8-Q400s

Oops: Biman Bangladesh 737 Hits 2 Cows Departing Cox Bazar
Biman Airlines is the national carrier of Bangladesh. Image Biman Airlines

About Cox Bazar

If you were wondering how a Bangladeshi city got such an unusual name, it was because of an officer in the British East India Company called Captain Hiram Cox. Cox was sent deliberately to the region to deal with a conflict between Arakan refugees and local Rakhains. Following his success and to commemorate his work, the area’s central marketplace was named after him following his death in 1799.

Cox Bazar Airport (CXB)only has one runway. Photo: Tanvir Rahman via Wikimedia

Today Cox Bazar is best known for having a 75-mile long beach and being the top tourist destination in Bangladesh.

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