Breaking: Biman Bangladesh Q400 Crashes In Myanmar

A Biman Bangladesh Airlines aircraft has crashed at Yangon Airport in Myanmar. The Bombardier Dash-8 A400 plane, registration number S2-AGQ, skidded off the runway on landing at 6:50pm today. Reportedly there were 33 people on board; no fatalities have been reported although a number are said to have been hospitalised.

Biman Bangladesh crash
This Biman Bangladesh plane has crashed with 33 on board. Photo: Shadman Samee via Flickr

This is a breaking news story; more details will be added as they emerge.

The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 plane was traveling from Dhaka Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport to Yangon International Airport this evening. It was operating flight BG060 on behalf of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, the flag carrying airline of Bangladesh.

As the plane came into land at the airport, using runway 21, something went wrong. The aircraft skidded off to the left side of the runway, leaving the tarmac and crashing into the grass.

The skid caused the undercarriage of the aircraft to collapse, and the fuselage broke into three. It also lost its wings, as can be seen in  photos shared on social media. There was no fire, and all occupants are reported to have escaped alive.

According to local reports, the weather was terrible and there were thunderstorms in the local area. A Biman Airlines spokesperson told RT that this almost certainly contributed to the accident. The airport was closed following the incident and is yet to reopen.

Passengers hospitalised

According to reports from BDNews24, 33 people were on board the aircraft when it crashed. 29 of these were passengers, two of whom were children. In addition, there were also two pilots and two cabin crew traveling on the aircraft.

There are conflicting reports of those who suffered injuries, with a spokesperson telling Yahoo News that four were injured, although not seriously. However, the Bangladesh Daily Start reportedly quoted the Bangladesh ambassador in Yangon as saying:

“All are injured more or less but no one was in critical state. However, 15 of the injured are hospitalized.”

Other reports say as many as 19 have been taken to hospital. No further details on casualties or the seriousness of injuries is available at this time.

Updates will be given as more details emerge

Attempted hijacking

This incident comes just months after another Biman Bangladesh aircraft, this time a Boeing 737-800, had to make an emergency landing following an attempted hijack. The aircraft was flying from the same origin as the Q400 today, Hazrat Shahjalal in Dhaka, but this time to Dubai.

A man with a pistol reportedly attempted to take control of the aircraft. He tried to break into the cockpit area, at which point the pilots were forced to make an emergency landing. Today’s accident is not thought to be anything related to this previous event, but it’s another piece of poor PR for the unfortunate airline.