Binter Canarias Adds Five New Cities To Route Network

Gran Canaria-based Binter Canarias announced in a statement last week that it is adding five new routes to its European network. The Canary Islands airline said that from July 2021, it would offer direct flights from the archipelago to Toulouse, Marseille, Lille, Turin, and Venice. Binter Canaries also announced a new service to the Catalonia city of Tarragona, marking its tenth destination between the Canary Islands and mainland Spain.

Binter Embraer E195-E2
Binter has five new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft. Photo: Embraer

Binter Canarias President Rodolfo Núñez made the announcement together with the company’s general coordinator, Juan Ramsden, and several representatives of the Canary Islands regional government. Minister of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce Yaiza Castilla praised Binter Canarias’ effort to bring more connectivity to the islands and the possibilities offered following the arrival of five new jet aircraft.

This is a bold move by Binter

While speaking about the importance of Binter Canarias in helping to aid the Canary Islands tourist industry recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, Rodolfo Núñez said:

“This new international leap represents a great challenge for Binter in a very complex context, but we continue to bet on the connectivity of the entire archipelago, of the eight islands, following the strategic plan that we drew up before the pandemic. In the future, if all goes well, and according to plan, we will continue to put more frequencies and perhaps more destinations, both from Tenerife and from Gran Canaria, and without ruling out direct flights to, or from, other islands. The important thing is to sell all the Canary Islands as a whole.”

Binter new routes July 2021
Binter is adding Tarragona to its mainland Spain destinations. Image: Binter

For his part, Juan Ramsden encouraged the politicians to continue rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations in Spain. He also highlighted the importance a European health passport would play in getting people traveling again, saying:

“It is necessary that anyone who wishes to travel by plane to another country or region knows that they can do so in complete safety, without obstacles, or complex regulations.”

From July 2021, Binter Canarias will offer 94 direct weekly connections between the Canary Islands, mainland Spain and other European destinations. On its routes, Binter Canarias will deploy its five new Embraer E195-E2 aircraft that it touts as being the quietest, cleanest, and most efficient single-aisle jet aircraft in its class.

Passengers flying with Binter Canarias will enjoy courtesy onboard catering and the fact that the E195-E2 offers more personal space between rows and is not configured with a middle seat.

President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, said that the announcement of new routes was good news for the islands and encouraged more tourists to select the Canary Islands for their vacations.

Binter offers free inter-island connections

Binter Canarias says it will operate flights on its new routes two times per week on the following days:

  • Gran Canaria to Lille on Mondays and Thursday
  • Gran Canaria to Toulouse on Tuesdays and Saturdays
  • Gran Canaria to Marseille on Friday
  • Gran Canaria to Venice on Monday and Wednesday
  • Gran Canaria to Turin on Tuesdays and Saturdays
Binter Embraer E195-E2 aircraft
Passengers can connect on flights to the other Canary Islands for free. Photo: Binter

Flights from Gran Canaria to Tarragona will operate on Thursday and Sunday. An advantage of flying with Binter Canarias to the Canary Islands is that passengers can connect to an inter-island flight at no additional cost. Binter Canarias operates 170 daily inter-island flights throughout the Canary Islands from its base at Gran Canaria Airport (LPA).

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Binter Canarias Fleet

According to the aviation enthusiast website,, Binter Canarias has 28 aircraft with an average age of 4.8 years. The Binter Canarias fleet is comprised of the following aircraft:

  • 23 x ATR 72s
  • 5 x Embraer E195-E2s

The move to fly to more international destinations is a big one for Binter Canarias and what is interesting about it is the secondary routes they have selected to serve. Their Embraer E195-E2 aircraft are configured with 132 seats in a 2+2 layout and are a great choice compared to Boeing and Airbus aircraft that have three seats on either side of the aisle.

Have you flown on one of Binters new Brazilian jets yet? Please tell us what you like or dislike about the E195-E2 and Binter Canarias in the comments.