Where Will BOC Aviation’s 18 Airbus A320neos End Up?

**Update: 01/02/20 @ 16:55 UTC –  Article updated with comment from BOC Aviation**

The Airbus A320neo is one of the most popular narrowbody aircraft out there. Now, Singapore-based lessor, BOC Aviation, has placed an order for an additional 18 Airbus A320neo aircraft. Now, the question is where these A320neo aircraft will end up.

Airbus A320neo
BOC Aviation has ordered an additional 18 Airbus A320neos. Photo: Airbus

The order

BOC Aviation announced this order in a release on December 31, 2019. These aircraft are due to arrive between 2022 and 2023. For customers, BOC Aviation will either sell the aircraft fully at the time of delivery or else send it to an airline on a long-term lease.

BOC Aviation A320
The A320neos will complement A320s leased-out by the airline. Photo: Airbus

According to BOC Aviation’s aircraft portfolio, the company has another 58 Airbus A320neo aircraft on order. Once all orders are delivered, this will take BOC Aviation to 113 Airbus A320neo aircraft in its portfolio. The company also owns and manages a total of 133 Airbus A320ceo family aircraft.

Simple Flying reached out to BOC Aviation who did not comment as to where the aircraft will go, however, BOC Aviation did note that the aircraft have found homes with an airline.

Which airlines will take BOC Aviation’s Airbus A320neos?

In the release, the company did not highlight which company will take these 18 Airbus A320neo aircraft. However, BOC Aviation has a long list of clients who could take on these aircraft. Chinese airlines, such as Air China and China Southern Airlines operate the Airbus A320neo and have received some from BOC Aviation. Given the growing demand for air travel in China, it would not be surprising to see either of these airlines take on these additional aircraft.

Airbus A320neo Air China
Air China currently operates Airbus A320neo aircraft and recently took some from BOC Aviation. Photo: N509FZ via Wikimedia Commons

Another growing market, India, could also see a carrier willing to take on these Airbus A320neo aircraft. Growing full-service carrier, Vistara, has taken A320neos from BOC Aviation in the past and currently has a number of them on order. Given the volatile state of India’s flag-carrier, Vistara could be preparing for major growth in case Air India does go south.

Vistara A320neo
Vistara could take on some A320neos in order to grow its network in and around India. Photo: Airbus

Some wildcards

There are definitely some fun airlines that may take on the A320neo. Russia-based S7 Airlines flies Airbus A320neo aircraft currently. The oneworld member, however, has not shown an incredible penchant for growth. But, the airline does have a fun livery that would look great on more A320neos.

S7 Airlines Airbus A320neo
S7 has one colorful livery for an A320neo! Photo: Airbus

Uzbekistan Airways currently has two Airbus A320neos from BOC Aviation. The airline is not a likely candidate for major expansion. However, these A320neos could replace some of the airline’s aging Boeing 757 aircraft and be used for new routes. Although, the carrier does have a pretty impressive route network.

Uzbekistan Airways A320neo
Uzbekistan Airways currently has two Airbus A320neo aircraft from BOC Aviation. Photo: Airbus

Oman-based low-cost carrier SalamAir has a small fleet consisting both of Airbus A320ceo and A320neo family aircraft. These 18 aircraft would be a huge addition to the airline’s fleet. However, if growth is in the works at SalamAir, then augmenting its fleet with A320neos could put the airline in a strong position to connect Oman to the rest of the world at a low cost.

SalamAir A320neo
Low-cost carrier, SalamAir, could take on some A320neos, although it would be a pretty significant fleet expansion for the airline. Photo: Airbus


While some of the wildcard airlines have fun liveries that would look great on an Airbus A320neo, it is more likely that these aircraft will enter into service through an established carrier or its subsidiary. Asia continues to be a hotspot for aviation growth. So, it would not be very surprising to see these aircraft end up there. However, as of now, it is unclear where these A320neo aircraft will end up.

Where do you think these BOC Aviation A320neos will end up? Let us know in the comments!