How Much Is A Boeing 737-800 Worth In 2021?

The Boeing 737-800 remains a crucial part of the aviation industry, with over 4,000 jets in active service. The aircraft is no longer being built for passenger airlines anymore, meaning that its price is slowly falling, but just how much is a Boeing 737-800 worth in 2021? Simple Flying decided to find out.

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How much is a Boeing 737-800 worth in 2021? Photo: Getty Images

Over the past few months, Simple Flying has analyzed the values of a range of aircraft from the small but sensible A220 up to the giant of the skies, the Airbus A380. Each time we take valuations provided to by Collateral Verifications LLC.

How much would a brand new aircraft cost?

As Boeing has stopped building the 737-800, it is technically impossible to buy a brand new aircraft. However, if we glance across the manufacture’s list prices, if it were to sell a new Boeing 737-800 today, it would officially cost $106.1 million. Of course, airlines never end up paying list prices in reality.

The youngest Boeing 737-800 to be built was delivered to KLM. According to, it holds the serial number 63624, and it is 1.7 years old, having first flown on December 5th, 2019. Interestingly, the aircraft, registered as PH-BCL, has a current market value of $33.07 million. Even if you look at the 2019 list price as reported by Yahoo ($96 million), it is still down 65% from the list price.

Boeing 737-800, Value, 2021
KLM operates the youngest Boeing 737-800. Photo: Getty Images

What about a well-used aircraft?

There are currently 29 aircraft listed with a current market value of $33.07 million, like the youngest jet. One of these, a 2.65-year-old Transavia jet registered as PH-HXN, has clocked 6,362 flight hours across 2,397 flight cycles. But what about an aircraft with significantly more mileage?

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Let us take a look at OM-FEX, owned by Carlyle Aviation Partners. The aircraft was delivered to Sterling European Airways in 1998 as OY-SEA. In 2006 it was transferred to GOL Linhas Aéreas, who flew it until July 2014. Then in January 2015, Air Explore took the aircraft. It is currently being operated as a wet lease for Corendon Airlines.

This aircraft has certainly clocked some usage since it took to the skies for the first time in May 1998. According to, the plane has completed 71,657 flight cycles as of April 30th. This equates to over eight years of flight. On average, the aircraft was flown for 08:32 hours a day, and with 32,799 flights, it has an average flight time of two hours and 11 minutes.

Boeing 737-800, Value, 2021
Air Explore has one of the lowest value Boeing 737-800s (not pictured: Note a Boeing 737-400 is shown here). Photo: Getty Images

So you may be wondering exactly how much this aircraft is valued? It has a current market value of $7.63 million, down a staggering 92% from the 2021 list price and even 77% from the price of young PH-BCL, as mentioned above.

While OM-FEX has one of the lowest values of a Boeing 737-800, it isn’t the most used of the bunch. Transavia’s PH-HZE is 22.3 years old and has clocked the most recorded hours at 76,961 across 29,716 flight cycles. Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines’ 23 years old TC-JFG has clocked a staggering 41,527 flight cycles.

What do you make of the value of a Boeing 737-800? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!