Hitchhiking Man Jumps On Boeing 737 Wing In Nigeria

An unidentified hitchhiker believed to be from Ghana jumped on the wing of a Boeing 737 in Nigeria, looking to make his way home.

Azman Air
Man climbs onto Azman Air 737 wing in Nigeria. Photo: Azman Air

Azman Air flight number AZM2316 between Lagos and Port Harcourt was readying for takeoff Friday morning when a man approached the aircraft and climbed aboard the wing.

A man came running towards the plane carrying a case

Reports from several people, including website One Mile at a Time claim that a man came running out of the bushes carrying a suitcase.

At the time of the incident, the Azman Air Boeing 737 was stopped waiting for takeoff clearance, when the man puts his case inside the engine and proceeded to climb onto the wing.

man climbs onto wing in Lagos
Hitchhiker climbs onto the wing of Azman Air Boeing 737 as it prepares for takeoff.Photo: Dozie Uzo/Facebook

Pilots were quick to react, shutting down the engine, but as you can hear in the video the incident caused quite a panic amongst the passengers.

One of the passengers aboard the plane, @otto_orondaam who shared the video on his Instagram page wrote:

“Guys this is an emergency o.

“For 30 minutes we have been stuck on the runway at MMIA by an unidentified man who ran to the aircraft with a bag. Security has not shown up and everyone is panicking. I have so many questions to ask, but right now I can’t even breathe.

“Pls, share this to all relevant authorities.”

Later, he provided a further update, saying,

“Dear Nigeria!!!!! Update: He has finally been apprehended and we’ve all disembarked from the flight. FAAN authorities showed up 23minutes into the scene but were scared to approach him. Security eventually shows up after 37mins.

“How it happened!! So our flight was taxiing on the runway and about taking off when this man shows up running towards the moving aircraft from the bush. The pilot and a few passengers spotted him running towards the aircraft and the pilot immediately slowed down and quickly put off the engine.

“The guy approaches the plane with gloves and starts walking around and under the aircraft holding a bag which he dropped inside the engine.

“Thanks to the Pilot of the Azman Airline for quickly observing and taking swift action. I still have a million and one questions to ask cos anything could have gone wrong! Nigeria will work perfectly someday. This I know.”

The man was arrested and taken to the Tango City holding facility

While commenting about the security breach, the general manager for corporate affairs at the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, Henrietta Yakubu, confirmed the incident and the fact that a man had been arrested.

man standing up on 737 wing
The man on the wing is now in custody. Photo: Dozie Uzo/Facebook

She said that an unknown man had been taken into custody and had been transported to Tango City, Murtala Muhammed Airports holding facility. According to the News Agency of Nigeria, after having been arrested the man claimed that he wanted to go to Ghana, but did not say how he managed to gain access to the runway.

Lagos Airport is well-known for its poor security

Lagos Airport is well-known for its security issues and the fact that robberies from the cargo hold of planes are commonplace.

Lagos Airport
Poor security at Lagos Airport to blame for the airside breach. Photo: Lagos Airport

Africa World Airlines’ Chief Safety Officer, Kwasi Oteng explains in the video how things like this can only happen in a country like Nigeria.

Wow! Pretty scary to think that non-airport personnel can get that close to aircraft as they are preparing to take off. It kind of makes you want to avoid flying to Nigeria altogether.

If you have had or heard of similar things happening at Murtala Muhammed Airport please let us know in the comments.