How Many Boeing 737 Aircraft Are Currently In Service & Stored?

Continuing in our series of how many aircraft are in operation and stored from specific aircraft families, we’ve now turned our attention to the Boeing 737. But just how many aircraft are currently flying?

Boeing 737, Stored, In Service
How many Boeing 737 aircraft are currently in service? Photo: Getty Images

The Boeing 737 is an aircraft design that is over half a century old. Indeed, Nolinor is still flying a Boeing 737-200 that is over 46 years old. However, the newest 737 variant remains grounded after a couple of strikingly similar fatal accidents in the past couple of years. With many aircraft worldwide grounded due to the current aviation, we wondered just how many Boeing 737s are currently flying.

Boeing 737-200

According to travel data and analytics expert Cirium, as of Friday, October 16th, 2020, 54 Boeing 737-200 aircraft are still in service. Of these, 36 belong to airlines. 40 of the model are currently in storage, with 24 of those belonging to airlines.

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Remarkably, some of these aircraft still in operation are very elderly. One example of an incredibly old Boeing 737-200 still in operation is C-GNLK operated by Nolinor. The aircraft was initially delivered to Transavia as PH-TVC in May 1974, 46.5 years ago, according to Since then, the aircraft has been operated by more airlines than you could shake a stick at.

Boeing 737-200, Airbus A380, Active Aircraft
36 Boeing 737-200 aircraft are still in active service with airlines. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing 737 classic

The Boeing 737 classic series is made up of the 737-300, 737-400, and 737-500. While they are still reasonably old aircraft, there are significantly more Boeing 737 classic aircraft still in circulation. Indeed, 357 are stored, with 600 in service. This gives a total fleet of 957 aircraft. 814 of these are in the hands of airlines, with 553 in use.

Boeing 737NG

The Boeing 737NG, standing for Next Generation, comprises four aircraft variants, the -600, -700, -800, and finally the -900. Most of the airframes currently in service or in storage belong to this family. Indeed, there are 5620 aircraft in use, 1212 in storage, and 46 on order, giving a total of 6878.

Boeing 737, Stored, In Service
The total breakdown of Boeing 737s. Graph: Simple Flying | Data: Cirium

6393 of these aircraft belong to airlines, with 5301 of these aircraft in service. Military customers are mostly expecting the 46 aircraft on order. Indeed, Simple Flying previously reported that the final airline bound NG aircraft had been completed.

Boeing 737 MAX

That leaves us with the Boeing 737 MAX, an aircraft that everybody has heard of. As many are aware, the aircraft is not currently flying as Boeing and the FAA work to recertify it. Although, it seems as though the process is on the final straight now.

Boeing 737 MAX, Grounding, One Year
The latest generation of the 737 is flying less than the classic series. Photo: Getty Images

As far as the fleet goes, 389 were delivered before the aircraft was grounded, 375 of these to airlines. As a result, 375 are currently stored. While the aircraft has been grounded, no deliveries have taken place. There is now a backlog of 4114 orders, with 3547 of these expected by airlines.

What do you make of the data? Are you surprised that Boeing 737-200s are still flying? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!