Today Is Judgement Day For The Boeing 737 MAX

More than two months after the second fatal Boeing 737 MAX crash grounded the fleet, the type’s judgement day has arrived. Following a huge software fix enacted by Boeing, the aircraft is going before a jury of 33 different countries being held in Texas today.

Boeing 737 MAX Judgement
The 737 MAX is going up against representatives from 33 different countries today. Photo: Boeing

Following two months of tweaks and tests, Boeing now believes it has fixed the 737 MAX’s fatal flaw. However, It was recently revealed that the Boeing 737 MAX’s simulators are also flawed. It is likely that the process to fully clear the 737 MAX will still be quite lengthy and arduous.

Stood before the world

Today will certainly be a nerve-racking day for Boeing. The US manufacturing giant will stand before the world as its aircraft design is evaluated for safety. Following two fatal accidents in similar circumstances. Now, the FAA is set to evaluate Boeing’s proposed fix. However, the FAA will have some company. Delegates from 33 countries will join the FAA in the evaluation according to the BBC.

The group will be meeting in Texas. While the purpose of the meeting is to scrutinise the Boeing 737 MAX’s changes, it is unlikely the aircraft will be signed off today.

Erosion of trust

Typically when an aircraft is grounded like the 737 MAX, aviation authorities will take their lead from the FAA in terms of local restrictions. However, in this specific instance, the global community has lost their trust in both the FAA and Boeing.

Boeing 737 MAX Judgement Ryanair
The Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded for over two months now. Photo: Boeing

Following the second fatal crash of the type, both Boeing and the FAA initially insisted the aircraft was safe. However, the majority of the world didn’t agree. As neither Boeing nor the FAA was prepared to ground the aircraft, the rest of the world decided to ground the aircraft for them. This is the reason that the other aviation authorities are so interested in the recertification process.

It is likely that the larger aviation authorities such as EASA of Europe and the CASA of Australia will want to inspect and test the aircraft themselves. As such, the 737 MAX will likely be flying in America before the rest of the world.

Reintroduction timeline

It is really impossible to state when the Boeing 737 MAX will be allowed to fly again. While it would be pure speculation to guess a date that the aircraft will fly again, we can state what we do know. Firstly, it is likely that the American Boeing 737 MAXs will be flying first.

Boeing 737 MAX Judgement
Ryanair has delayed delivery of their first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Photo: Boeing

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, believes that the aircraft will be back in the air within the next couple of months. Ryanair, however, has pushed back its first Boeing 737 MAX delivery from April to much later this year. Other airlines are still scrambling to work out when they might start flying the aircraft again.

When do you think the Boeing 737 MAX will be cleared to fly again? Do you think the Boeing 737 MAX will pass its judgement day? Let us know in the comments.