In Pictures: Inside The Boeing 747 Flying Mansion Private Jet

The Boeing 747 BBJ is the world’s largest private jet. With only a handful of examples in the world, it’s a rare bird. Even rarer is the Alberto Pinto designed 747, a lavish labor of love that took the designers four years to complete.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
The interior of the jet looks more like a luxury yacht. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto’s 747 BBJ

Parisian design house Alberto Pinto is well known for crafting some business jet concepts that are truly breathtaking. From Global 6000s to Gulfstreams and even 737s, the company is well versed in creating designs that are not only luxurious but also compliant with the many rules and regulations that govern the aviation workspace.

In 2015, the firm completed its biggest and arguably most challenging project to date – designing the interior of the gigantic Boeing 747-8 business jet. Commissioned by an undisclosed client, it took the team no less than four years to design and build the breathtaking interior.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
The 747 is the biggest project the team has worked on. Photo: Alberto Pinto

It’s one of the world’s largest private aircraft in existence, and for the designers, it was a dream come true. Speaking to Altitudes Magazine, Yves Pickardt, project lead, commented that,

“The owner gave us carte blanche. He wasn’t looking for anything outrageously luxurious, with gold and diamonds. On the contrary he called for some simplicity, which in the end is indeed the true luxury.

“Such a project is a dream come true that happens only once or twice in a designer’s lifetime. In a way, this is a landmark in aviation history.”

With a focus on natural materials and a soft, modern style, the company produced a truly awesome result. Pickardt noted that, when Boeing’s team visited the aircraft, they said that it was one of the most beautiful they’d ever seen. Let’s take a look around.

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A nose to tail tour

Starting at the nose of the jet, underneath the cockpit sits the master bedroom. This location, well away from the hum of the engines, makes for a tranquil and relaxing space.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
A full-sized bed graces the master suite. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Naturally, there’s a full-sized luxury bed, as well as an en suite bathroom. The bed is trimmed in embossed leather with saddle stitch detailing.  The bathroom has a large walk-in shower as well as a vanity with a mirror and sink.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
The en suite bathroom. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Also within the suite is a lounge area, complete with a sofa for two.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
There’s even space for a sofa. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Aft of the master suite is the main entrance foyer, a grand affair with stunning detailing and a sparkling staircase to the upper deck.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
The glossy entranceway with staircase to the upper deck. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Upstairs, in the ‘hump’ is a cozy living room with a large screen TV. Everything is luxuriously appointed, with plenty of wood veneer and tasteful décor. Designed as a ‘salon for children,’ they must be some very lucky children to have access to such a stunning play space.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
Up in the ‘hump’ is a cozy TV lounge. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Downstairs and aft from the entrance foyer is what could be taken as the jewel in the crown of this luxurious aircraft. The main lounge has multiple seating areas, bespoke designer pieces and a wacapou wood table with a goatskin top.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
The large lounge is the centerpiece of the jet. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Within the main lounge, pairs of seats offer a choice of a more intimate conversation, or a suitable place for business discussions and work.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
Separate seats allow more intimate interaction. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Further aft, a private office doubles as a formal dining area for up to four guests. Look carefully and you might spot a couple of Joan Miro artworks on the walls.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
The smaller meeting room doubles as a dining space. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Another meeting room serves as a more formal boardroom for business activities.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
A second meeting room for more formal encounters. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Additional guest suites offer comfort and privacy for longer trips.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
A guest suite onboard the 747. Photo: Alberto Pinto

At the rear of the plane, the owner can accommodate plenty of extra staff and entourage in the business class-style cabin.

747-8 BBJ Alberto Pinto
Space for the entourage to travel in comfort. Photo: Alberto Pinto

Overall, the jet has more of a feel of a luxury yacht than an airplane, but somehow strikes a wonderful balance between luxurious transport and a family home in the sky. The owner must be delighted by the end result.