The Boeing 767 vs The Proposed 797 – What Plane Will Be Better?

The next Boeing aircraft, the 797, is rumored to be around the corner and could be officially revealed next month at the Paris Air Show. Part of its design philosophy is to be a replacement for the very popular Boeing 767.

767 797
The Boeing 797 vs The Boeing 767. Photo: Simple Flying

But how does the 797 actually compare to the original, and is it a worthy successor? Let’s have a look. We also previously compared the Boeing 767 vs the Boeing 787.

What are the specifications of Boeing 797?

First, we must address the fact that the Boeing 797 doesn’t actually exist yet (officially) and thus any comparisons need to be made theoretically only.

We know that Boeing wants to bring to the market two versions of the 797. The first is a 225-seater with 5,000 nmi (9,300 km) range and the second is a 275-seater with a range of 4,500 nmi (8,300 km). This places it well within the same passenger and range numbers as the Boeing 767 family. To judge if the aircraft is ‘better’ will depend on what new things the 797 will bring to the table.

Boeing 767
The Boeing 797 will be about the same size as the Boeing 767 but will have a shorter range. Photo: Boeing.

The new Boeing aircraft will arrive in 2025 with a slew of new technology not seen on other aircraft.

What new technology will the Boeing 797 have?

The Boeing 797 will be powered by the next generation of aircraft engines, such as the rumored GE 50,000lbf (220 kN) turbofan. This engine will allow the aircraft to fly further and burn less fuel than anything in the class flying today.

A United Airlines Boeing 767 awaits boarding. Source: Wikimedia

Additionally, it is likely that Boeing will have perfected the composite structure found in both the Boeing 787 and 777X to use as the fuselage in the 797. This will mean the aircraft will be ‘super light’, enabling it to save fuel and generate around 30% more revenue for airlines (although that’s something of a generous figure).

The aircraft will also come with modern passenger comforts, such as increased pressurization and humidity to lessen the effects of jetlag. It will boast twin-aisles to allow for quick boarding and disembarkation of the aircraft and large 777X/787 style windows (that optically dim without a shutter).

Is the Boeing 797 better than the Boeing 767?

Boeing has claimed that any new aircraft would be able to provide mileage-per-seat at around 40% of the cost of existing widebodies (such as the Boeing 767) today, according to Leeham News.

List prices are where we have to take a leap of faith. Rumor has it that Boeing is claiming that the new 797 could be bought for around $75-100 million USD, about 50% of what the Boeing 767 costs to buy new. This price does seem a little absurd, considering the more expensive composite construction and additional technology planned for the jet.

Boeing seems to think that the 797 will be more popular than the 767 series, with predictions that over 2,000 will be sold during their production run, double the 1,145 767s delivered to customers.

We will have to wait and find out if this new Boeing 797 really will be the next true 767.

What do you think? Which aircraft would be best? Let us know in the comments.