Which Airlines Would Order The Boeing 767X?

There have been reports of a new Boeing project titled the 767X. The aircraft will draw inspiration from existing 767 models but with a modern twist.

Boeing 767-400ER
The 767X is set to be based on the 767-400ER’s design. Photo: contri via Wikimedia Commons

New engine

The aircraft is slated to be introduced by 2025 and will be fitted with General Electric’s GEnx turbofan jet engines. Flight Global reports that there will be two variants of the airliner, one for cargo use and another for passenger services.

Some of Boeing’s existing popular freighters are the 767-300F and the 757-200F. Both jets are also favorites of US shippers FedEx and UPS. FedEx holds 78 767Fs and 119 757Fs, while UPS operates 65 of each aircraft type.

With the 757 coming of age, both delivery companies may be looking at the 767XF as the perfect replacement. With little alterations need to be made from existing 767s, existing operators won’t have problem adapting to the new aircraft.

(FedEx) Boeing 767-3S2F
FedEx could a key operator of the 767X since it already operates a current version of the range. Photo: Tomás Del Coro via Flickr

Passenger edition

There were previous reports of Boeing gearing up for the manufacture of a New Midsize Airplane (NMA). This aircraft was dubbed to be named as the 797 but updates on the project dwindled recently. Delays to the construction of the 777X, along with 737 MAX grounding issues may have put this jetliner on hold.

However, with the NMA previously billed as an eventual replacement to 757 and 767 fleets, the 767X could be a suitable alternative measure. Delta Air Lines hoped to be a priority customer for the 797. According to the Seattle Times, Daniel Pietrzak, managing director of fleet transactions at Delta Air Lines expressed his interest. The director said that the airliner could be an ideal plane for transatlantic routes.

Fellow US operator, United Airlines also made an inquiry with both Airbus and Boeing about replacing its 757s. United’s chief financial officer said that his company has been looking for a jet that can fly from its hub in Newark to Europe.

Along with this, Alaska Airlines has been keeping an eye on Boeing’s progress. The carrier’s vice president of capacity planning, John Kirby expressed his interest in the plane at an ISTAT panel discussion. Therefore, with the 797 on the back burner, the US carriers may be interested in snapping up the 767Xs instead.

Boeing 767-400ER Delta
Delta’s expressed interest in the NMA may make it a suitable match for the 767X. Photo: Marvin Mutz via Flickr

Airline demands

Across the globe, there will be other airlines keeping a lookout for updates on the upcoming aircraft. Emirates has spoken fondly of Boeing’s future plans. The carrier’s president, Tim Clark said that there is strong market potential for the NMA and told Boeing that they have a winner in the twin-aisle project.

The 767 was first introduced in 1982 with United Airlines debuting the airliner on its services. There was previously another proposed Boeing project under the moniker of 767X. This aircraft was first spoken of in 1986 and was to feature extended wings and a wider cabin. However, not enough airlines expressed their interest at the time, so the plane never came to fruition.

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