Will Boeing End Up Making A 777-10X?

As Boeing inches towards the first flight of the Boeing 777X later this month, more leaks and sneak previews are making their way to the media. But one special version of the 777X, the 777-10X has not been heard of in some time.

The Boeing 777-10X is still under development pending an interested customer. Photo: Boeing

Will Boeing end up building the 777-10X? Or is it just a pipe dream with no real-world application?

What is the Boeing 777-10X?

The Boeing 777-10X is a further stretch of the 777X series that will include four more rows than the smaller -9 (and be 3.5 meters longer). This would make it the world’s longest jet.

It would seat around 450 passengers and fly over 6,500 nautical miles.

It is, or was, designed to compete against the Airbus A380, but now Boeing expects the 777-10X to compete against a possible A350-2000 stretch. Unlike the A380, the Boeing 777 series does not require special gates at airports and thus is far more flexible for airlines.

These two stretches are starting to get as close to as long as a modern aircraft can be. Any longer and runways will need to be extended to allow for takeoff and landing.

Boeing predicts that airlines like Emirates, who only has 777s and A380s in their fleet so far, or Singapore could be interested.

How does the 777-10X compare to the other variants?

So far, Boeing has revealed that there will be two mainline Boeing 777Xs.

  • Boeing 777-8X – 365 passengers to a range of 8,690 nmi / 16,090 km
  • Boeing 777-9X – 414 passengers to a range of 7,525 nmi / 13,940 km
Qatar 777X
The 777X has two versions currently being built. Photo: Boeing

The 777-10X series can fit around 30-40 more passengers than the -9X but that will come at a cost of range. Additionally, the 777-10X is rumored to have its galleys moved to under the passenger cabin, thus allowing for more room throughout the aircraft.

Will Boeing build it?

We last heard concrete news about the aircraft in 2016, at the Farnborough Airshow.

Video of the day:

“We have the ability to do it,” Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief executive Ray Conner told Flight Global in 2016. “If somebody wanted more capacity, that’s a pretty straightforward deal for us to do.”

But, in the past Boeing has been reluctant to move into the high-capacity space. Their Boeing 747 also had a larger variant that would have been easily able to carry many passengers, but Boeing chose to focus on smaller aircraft designed for point to point travel (their research into aircraft design would eventually give birth to the 787 Dreamliner).

Boeing 787-10. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Singapore, in 2017, only lightly touched on the 777-10X, confirming that they had been in discussion with Boeing regarding the aircraft.

“We discuss fleet requirements with manufacturers on a regular basis, and any such discussions are confidential,” said Nicholas Ionides, Singapore Airlines vice president of public affairs to CNN.

The sales of the 787-10 have been slower than the smaller versions, but still enough to justify the bigger version. Perhaps it will be the same for the 777X.

“We will continue to study 777X derivatives and seek customer input to develop products that provide the most value for customers,” – Boeing to CNN on the matter.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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I doubt it will come:
– Dutch media reported last week that Boeing is considering delayed introduction of the 777-8X, because of poor sales.
– The 777-9X has predominantly been ordered by the ME3, all of which are in financial trouble of one kind or another.
– The 747-8 was a flop, and the A380 has been discontinued…probably as much because of size (too big), in addition to having 4 engines vs. 2.
This seems to indicate a lack of appetite for XL aircraft, yet alone for XXL aircraft…


Oh yeah, the Boeing was a FLOP but the A380 was just DISCONTINUED !! Come on Nigel — you can say it — Airbus won’t ban you from their fan club — A380 was a FLOP TOO — you can do it !!!


The length of an aircraft’s fuselage has no impact on how much runway it requires. Best edit that out quickly, before other readers notice. However, increased weight would, especially for high altitude or hot airports, and beyond that, maneuvering a 265′ long aircraft in and out of gates at some terminals could be a problem. Boeing might find its folding wingtips solved one problem, only to find the plane restricted from some terminals or gates due to length. An A350-2000, if it ever came about, would carry about as many passengers as a B777-9X, so a B777-10X, being even larger,… Read more »


Well said Mark!


I could see it. With the A380 going away, airlines like Emirates and Singapore are going to want something as a replacement. If it can use the wings and engines from a 777-9 it wouldn’t cost to much to do.


They will not have enough capacity then. Given the capacity, 450 seats in 2 classes, they will need more units to match up. More units means more operating cost!

Andrew Boydston

A 777-10X is waiting for a developmental gap in Boeing’s plans. The Max renovation, the 7779X and finally the 7778X entry into service is a solid blur to the finish. The year 2030 will provide Boeing a development gap for the 777-10X.


I find it interesting that both Airbus and Boeing are trying to one up each other and neither really has developed a new airframe for the 757 and 767 replacement – Airbus has the A321XLR but it’s not new tech just re-jigging an existing airframe and the 797 isn’t even in the news due to all the Press about the MAX. Those 757/767’s are getting really old, you can only re-engine an A330 and A321 so many times, it seems like a piece of the market neither side wants to lead on — its all A320/B737 or the BIG BOYS… Read more »