In Pictures: Inside The Boeing 777X Billionaire’s Business Jet

The idea of a business jet based on the 777X is exciting, particularly if you happen to be a billionaire. The likelihood of any less-than-super-rich getting to fly one of these beauties is slim, but nevertheless, it’s exciting to take a peek inside.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
When money is no object… Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 777X takes the concept of private jets to a whole new level. The expansive range of the newest member of the 777 family means it could fly halfway around the world without needing to refuel.

Specifically, the BBJ 777-9 would fly to a range of 11,000 nautical miles (20,370 km), while the smaller BBJ 777-8 could travel for 11,645 nautical miles (21,570 km). The immense size of these aircraft gives designers a substantial 3,256 sq. ft. (302.5 sq m) of cabin space to play with on the -8, and 3,689 sq. ft. (342.7 sq m) on the -9.

Licensed Business Jet Completion Center, Greenpoint Technologies, based in Washington, was keen to play with that space. Its ‘Lotus’ concept for the 777-8 combines stunning design touches with a lavish interior, worthy of any billionaire’s investment. Let’s take a tour.

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Inside the Lotus 777X business jet

Entering the 777X business jet, a grand entry facility greets passengers, perfectly positioned to be welcomed by the crew and to enjoy a champagne reception.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
A grand entryway greets the aircraft’s guests. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

Bordering the reception area is a bathroom and lounges in both directions. Forward is a more informal lounge that could be used to host guests or for crew to rest and meet.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
The layout of the 777-8 BBJ. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

Aft of the grand entrance, passengers ascend a small flight of stairs to the main luxurious lounge. Greenpoint Technologies has gone with a sophisticated grey palette for this interior, with corner sofas and complementary carpeting for a high-end look.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
Loungest throughout the aircraft are designed with style in mind. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

Beyond the main lounge is the media room. Here, in the sunken area, guests will find a large, curved monitor and unique seating with high-low ottomans for comfort, whether they are viewing the latest blockbuster or a corporate presentation. At the rear of the media room, a bar for entertaining and socializing can be found.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
The guest suite is large and well-appointed. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

Moving further back, to the right of the aircraft, is the guest suite. This has a private lounge area and a full-size double bed.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
A full-size double bed ensures good rest is had. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

To the left of this section, a custom table and chairs make up a dining area or a place to host meetings.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
The master suite takes luxury to a whole new level. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies
Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
Of course, there’s a huge screen for the owner of the jet. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

At the very back is the master suite. This really takes lavish to the next level. The suite has a king-size bed and a ridiculously large walk-in dressing room complete with heated hardwood flooring.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
A heated floor keeps feet warm when getting dressed. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies
Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
The dressing room rivals most regular folks’ bedrooms for size. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

Behind the bedroom is the master bathroom. This features heated marble flooring, black marble vanity with his and hers sinks, and towel warmers.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
The bathroom has marble floors. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies
Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
There are his and hers sinks with heated towel warmers. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

But the real crowning glory here is the oversized rain shower, a centerpiece that is worthy of any billionaire’s budget.

Boeing business jet BBJ 777X
Now that’s a shower. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies

Design Director Annika Wicklund explained the inspiration behind Lotus, saying,

“Lotus’ inspiration began with the wide 777X cabin and the desire for multifunctional spaces, advanced connectivity and unique features that set the interior apart from traditional private business jets. Our team aimed to design a contemporary, functional interior with luxuries experienced at a world class hotel. The result is a spacious, reflective and welcoming interior.”

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