Boeing 777X Reveal To Be Delayed After Ethiopian Airlines Accident

In another blow to aviation enthusiasts everywhere, Boeing has decided to delay their 777X reveal until after they have concluded their investigation into the Ethiopian Airlines accident.

The big reveal was supposed to happen this week, as the first complete 777X-9 rolls out for its first flight tests.

777x boeing
The 777X-9 that is soon to be revealed by Boeing. Photo: Boeing

What are the details?

Boeing had originally announced that the 777X-9 would be revealed to the world on Wednesday.

The Boeing Twitter account appeared to be celebrating the forthcoming arrival of the 777X with consistent daily updates. These, however, have been replaced by more sobering announcements regarding their crash investigation.

According to CNN, Boeing has decided to delay the aircraft event, but that this is not due to any additional steps in the 777X development.

“He didn’t say when the event is now likely to take place but added that there are no other changes to the aircraft’s schedule” – CNN on the Boeing spokesperson.

And they do not want to rattle their customers. With over 300 orders for the new aircraft, any rumored delays to the 2020 delivery deadline might spell more trouble than Boeing needs right now.

It is likely that once Boeing has finished investigations, they will reveal the 777X.

We do know that this particular 777X-9 has been in the paint hangar for the last two weeks, as the final touch-ups are completed in Boeing livery.

This aircraft will be the first of the 777X series to actually fly. Previous mock-up models have been created for various purposes (such as testing electronics, ground movement and more) but this particular aircraft is a final model. It is so final that, once it has been tested and approved, it will be repainted and sent off to serve Lufthansa.

lufthansa 777x lufthansa 777x business class lufthansa 777x delivery date
Boeing 777X in Lufthansa livery. Source: Boeing

The Boeing 777X-9 is the biggest aircraft that Boeing is currently (or will be) building. Seating up to 425 passengers on board with the world’s largest commercial aircraft wingspan (so big that it has to fold up its wing tips), the 777X will be a game changer in the aviation industry. So much so that those who are looking to upgrade can’t decide between the 777X or the A350.

The aircraft has been dubbed ‘the boss’ by Boeing workers, as it has the largest wings, length, and biggest engines ever on a commercial aircraft.

What do you think of this news? Should Boeing move ahead with the reveal or is this a good move for the company?