Boeing’s First 777X Delivery Has Been Delayed To 2022

Boeing has delayed the delivery schedule for the 777X, which is currently being put through a thorough testing program. The American aerospace manufacturer today said that it now expects the first delivery to take place in 2022, a year later than previously planned.

Boeing 777x, Delivery Delay, 2022
The first Boeing 777X delivery has been delayed until 2022. Photo: Rolf Bewersdorf via Lufthansa

Boeing’s flagship products haven’t had the best of luck as of late. The 737 MAX is currently grounded, following two fatal accidents. Now the 777X program is facing delays. As such, the only passenger plane left in Boeing’s arsenal is the 787 Dreamliner. Tied with these issues, the manufacturer has felt the pinch of a drop in demand caused by the COVID pandemic.

First Boeing 777X delayed

Boeing today delivered its second-quarter results. This saw the manufacture reveal it has delivered just 20 commercial aircraft in the entire second quarter. The manufacturing giant also announced a loss of $2.4 billion. However, such releases from Boeing are always full of other updates here and there.

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The latest announcement confirmed that the company’s new product, the Boeing 777X, will be delayed entering service. The program has unfortunately faced several hold-ups along the way. Boeing had been hoping to showcase the type last June at the Paris Air Show. However, due to engine issues, the aircraft didn’t take to the skies for the first time until January this year.

Boeing’s First 777X Delivery Has Been Delayed To 2022
Lufthansa is due to be the launch customer of the Boeing 777X. Photo: Lufthansa

It seems as though there has been a further delay in the program. Boeing had intended to deliver its first 777X to launch customer Lufthansa early next year. Indeed, just two and a half weeks ago, a Lufthansa spokesperson confirmed to Simple Flying that the first 777X delivery was still on course for early 2021. A Lufthansa spokesperson was not able to comment on today’s news.

There was previously a hit that the program may be experiencing further delays when Emirates, supposedly second in line for the 777X, suggested that it now wouldn’t be receiving its first 777X until 2022. Boeing has already started to manufacture the first aircraft for both Lufthansa and Emirates.

Who is expecting the 777X?

As we mentioned, Lufthansa is due to take delivery of the first Boeing 777X, now in 2022. The German flag carrier has 20 of the aircraft on order, with the first ones not featuring the first-class cabin.

Boeing 777x, Delivery Delay, 2022
British Airways could take up to 42 777Xs with options included. Photo: Boeing

Etihad was also an early order of the 777X, placing 25 orders on November 17th, 2013. In December of that year, Cathay Pacific ordered 21 aircraft. Emirates placed the most significant order for the 777X. As Boeing’s order book currently stands, the Middle East giant is expecting 115 of the aircraft.

Qatar Airways has the second-largest order with 60 aircraft expected, with All Nippon Airways and Singapore Airlines each ordering 20. British Airways made the most recent 777X order, with a firm order for 18 jets placed in March 2019. With options, the British flag carrier could take up to 42 of the aircraft. Finally, ten aircraft have been ordered by unidentified customers.

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