Boeing Secretly Reveals First Completed 777X To Its Employees

As we previously reported, Boeing has delayed the big 777X reveal, not only out of respect for the families of the two 737 MAX 8 incidents but until they can restore confidence in their high-quality aircraft.

But, it doesn’t mean that the aircraft has been locked away in a dusty hanger. As the 777X-9 has just finished being painted, Boeing invited staff to come in and inspect their hard work for themselves. Read on to see the first glimpses of the new Boeing flagship aircraft.

Are there photos?

You bet! Our friend at Dj’s Aviation released a few sneak peek photos of the new aircraft on Twitter:

The aircraft has been painted in the Boeing livery in time for its official flight tests.

The 777X-9 can carry 414 passengers in a two-class configuration, and fly 7,525 nmi / 13,940 km on a ‘single tank’.

This is possible thanks to the new massive engines that power the 777X. They are the biggest engines ever placed on a commercial aircraft and have a diameter bigger than the Boeing 737 MAX series.

The Boeing 777X-9 is believed to be Boeing’s answer to the Airbus A350 (You can read our comparison here of which is the better aircraft on paper).

This aircraft is also Boeing’s largest commercial aircraft and designed to replace the 747 series.

The 777X is so massive, that the wings don’t actually fit into normal airline gates at airports. As such, Boeing has designed a totally new feature – folding wing tips.

This technology has only been previously used in military aircraft, but will allow the Boeing 777X to have the largest commercial wingspan in the world.

This particular 777X-9 will undergo flight tests, and then will be repainted for Lufthansa (who is the launch customer of this aircraft) later this year.

All photos (including featured image) from Dj’s Aviation.

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