Boeing 777X First Test Flight Delayed

The first-ever flight of the highly anticipated Boeing 777X has been postponed. Inclement weather in the Washington area has meant the flight test could not go ahead today. Instead, Boeing will look to fly the giant bird for the first time on Friday.

Boeing 777X first flight
The first flight is pushed back a day by inclement weather. Photo: Boeing

First flight postponed

Media and industry leaders had gathered in Everett, Washington last night in anticipation of an early flight of the Boeing 777X this morning. However, in the early evening, Boeing advised the world that it would be postponing the test flight due to forecasts of bad weather. Boeing’s statement read:

“We are postponing the 777X first flight that was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Jan. 23, due to weather. The team is currently assessing the possibility of flying on Friday, January 24 and will notify you as soon as we have a new date.”

While this is a blow for those gathered in Everett and all those around the world who were hoping to watch this shiny new aircraft take off, it’s a sensible move by Boeing to postpone the test flight. Forecasts of lightning in the area could have made for a disappointing morning. However, Friday’s forecast looks much brighter, so we’re hopeful for a positive outcome before the end of the week.

Taxi and rejected takeoff tests already underway

Prior to the first flight, Boeing had undertaken a series of taxi and rejected take-off tests yesterday at Paine Field. Despite the bleak weather, the 777X made several rolls down the runway to check everything was ready and working ahead of the first flight.

The 777X is quite a sight, with those huge engines and those magnificent wingtips. The noise of those engines spooling up is enough to send shivers down your spine. We truly can’t wait to see this long-awaited bird take its first flight!

What can we expect from the first flight?

If the first flight does go ahead tomorrow, we can expect to see the Boeing 777X takeoff at around 10:00 PST. The takeoff will be from Paine Field in Everett, Washington.

Boeing 777X Taxi
The gorgeous 777X will take off from Paine Field. Photo: Boeing

Following takeoff, the aircraft will fly for around five hours. During this time, it will perform various maneuvers, testing its speed and capabilities at a variety of speeds and altitudes. The 777X is expected to land at around 15:00, but at the Seattle Delivery Center, Boeing Field.

Simple Flying will be in attendance at the takeoff and landing of this stunning new aircraft. If you want to watch the first takeoff live, the manufacturer will be broadcasting a livestream on

Be sure to tune in to Simple Flying tomorrow morning to see the first photos of the Boeing 777X.