Which Airlines Have Ordered The Boeing 777X?

The Boeing 777X is in the news a fair bit at the moment. The aircraft, due to be delivered from next year, has yet to take its first flight. A total of 344 aircraft are on order, with the most recent order coming from British Airways.

Boeing 777X airline orders
At least nine customers have ordered the Boeing 777X. Photo: Boeing

The Boeing 777X is the latest iteration of the American manufacturer’s Boeing 777 series. The aircraft will see Boeing’s latest technologies being implemented on the popular 777, including folding wingtips. According to Boeing, 1,897 777s have been ordered over all time, and 1,458 have been delivered. Therefore, the company has 439 outstanding orders.

439 orders

Out of the 439 orders for the Boeing 777, 344 are for the 777X. That equates to just under 80% of all outstanding orders for the type. These orders are divided up between nine or more customers. We say ‘or more’, because one of these customers is identified as “Unidentified Customer(s)”.

Boeing 777X 2020 Launch
Lufthansa is set to receive the third 777X Built. Photo: Lufthansa

By this count, each customer would’ve ordered an average of 38 aircraft. While the smallest order is for just 10 aircraft, the largest is for 150 aircraft. These figures are per Boeing’s official reported stats and exclusive of options. There are two initial variants of the Boeing 777X. While the Boeing 777-9 has received 291 orders, the 777-8 has received just 53.

So, who has ordered the Boeing 777X?

Lufthansa will be the first to fly the Boeing 777X. The German flag carrier has 20 of the Boeing 777-9 aircraft on order. Its deliveries are due to commence in 2020, assuming all goes well with the aircraft’s test program. The order was placed on the 17th of November 2013.

Also on the 17th of November 2013, Etihad placed an order for 17 777-9s and eight 777-8s. This order for 25 aircraft is reflected in Boeing’s order book. However, in February Alex Macheras of Aviation Analyst, suggested that Ethihad were ready to drop down to six aircraft on order. On December 20th of that year, Cathay Pacific placed an order for 21 Boeing 777-9s.

Emirates placed the first order in 2014 for 150 aircraft. This will comprise 35 777-8s and 115 777-9s. 12 days later, Qatar Airways ordered 60 of the aircraft; ten 777-8s and 50 777-9s. Another 15 days later, ANA placed the final order of 2014 with 20 777-9s.

Boeing 777X airline orders
British Airways has committed to 18 firm 777-9 orders. Photo: Boeing

In June 2015, 10 Boeing 777-9 orders were announced for “Unidentified Customer(s)”, followed by Singapore Airlines ordering 20 777-9s in 2017. The most recent order saw IAG commit to 18 Boeing 777-9 aircraft for British Airways. IAG’s order for British Airways includes options for 24 more aircraft.

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