Unidentified Customer Orders $564 Million Worth Of Boeing 787 BBJs

Boeing has today announced an order for two Boeing 787 Dreamliners in a business Jet configuration. The order, for two of the widebody airliner, is currently attributed to an unidentified customer at the customer’s request.

Boeing 787, Business Jet, Boeing 787 Order
Boeing offers a range of business jet options. Photo: Boeing

It’s not often that widebody business jets are ordered from the likes of Boeing and Airbus. Hence, today’s order carries some significance. Two Boeing 787-9 aircraft were purchased for the purpose of flying VIPs around the globe. With a combined list price of $564 million, the aircraft are listed at $282 million each. Without a full load of passengers, the widebodied aircraft can reach almost anywhere in the world. But do you need a private jet when you can fly first class?

The Boeing 787

The Boeing 787 is the latest brand new passenger aircraft to be built by the Boeing company. This December will be exactly 10 years since the Boeing 787 took its first flight. While the aircraft was initially launched as just the 787-8.

However, since the launch of the aircraft, Boeing went on to add the -9 and -10 models of the 787. In fact, earlier this year, the first Boeing 787-10s officially entered service with United Airlines, with -8s and -9s still being delivered.

Boeing 787, Business Jet, Boeing 787 Order
The jet will come equipped with a shower. Photo: Boeing

Boeing business jets

Despite marketing its jets towards airlines, Boeing will also sell its jets to business customers for the right price. The advantage of these aircraft for business customers is their impressive range.

Take the Boeing 787-9, for example. The aircraft can hold a maximum of 406 passengers. As such, the aircraft’s regular range is 7,635 nautical miles. Being a private jet, the aircraft will be significantly lighter when flying. This will be achieved firstly by cutting the number of passengers onboard the aircraft. However, the aircraft will also be carrying much less cargo. As such, the range is boosted to 9,485 nautical miles. Essentially, from London, it would be able to reach any point in the world bar New Zealand.

Boeing 787, Business Jet, Boeing 787 Order
The double bed is perfect for napping on flights around the world. Photo: Boeing

Today’s order

Today’s order was actually signed back in August. It sees an unidentified customer commit to taking two Boeing 787-9 aircraft in a business jet configuration. The list price for these two aircraft is a cool $564 million. However, Boeing shared a couple of interior renderings of the two jets. The pictures released by Boeing paint an image of luxury, showing off a double bed and a shower. Presumably, these aircraft will be nothing like the new Four Seasons jet.

Speaking of the order, Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing for The Boeing Company, said: “The BBJ 787-9 offers our most discerning customers the ability to travel in ultimate comfort and fly directly to just about any city on earth. We’re talking about London to Sydney or Tokyo to Cape Town. Our newest BBJ 787-9 customer can clearly see the possibilities and more.”

He went on to add: “With a total of 16 orders to date, the BBJ 787 program has won over other government and private customers who want to work, rest, and arrive refresh and ready for a productive day.”

What do you make of the freshly announced Boing Business Jet order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!