Boeing Expected To Resume 787 Dreamliner Deliveries

According to reports, having not delivered a 787 Dreamliner since October, Boeing is set to resume deliveries by the end of the month. Some reports have suggested that we could see deliveries resume as soon as tomorrow. While Boeing hasn’t been delivering the Dreamliner, airframes have been piling up in the Mojave Desert.

Boeing 787 dreamliners sat parked in the desert
Boeing is expected to begin delivering 787 Dreamliners as soon as tomorrow, according to reports. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The past few years haven’t been the best for Boeing. First, it had the 737 MAX grounding, which has thankfully now been resolved. However, it seems as soon as Boeing solved one issue, another one sprung up. In this case, it was the 787 Dreamliner, with no deliveries taking place for almost half a year. But now, Boeing’s fortunes could be changing once more.

Dreamliner deliveries resuming?

According to Bloomberg, it is all systems go at Boeing as far as the Dreamliner program is concerned. According to anonymous people close to the matter, as reported by the publication, deliveries could resume as soon as tomorrow.

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Bloomberg points out that there are now 80 undelivered Boeing 787 aircraft. Parked in the Mojave Desert at Victorville, we’ve seen planes bound for British Airways, Vistara, Qantas, Qatar, Norwegian, and others. It is thought that Boeing could hand over two to three planes before April.

British Airways Boeing 787-10 parked in desert
Recently, Boeing has been sending brand new aircraft to the Mojave Desert. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Commenting on the matter to Simple Flying, a Boeing spokesperson said,

“We continue to expect to resume delivering 787s by the end of March; however, we will continue to take the time necessary and will adjust any delivery plans as needed. We remain in constant and transparent communication with our customers and regulators.”

Are things getting better for Boeing?

It seems as though things are finally getting better for Boeing. Once 787 deliveries resume, the manufacturer will once again be able to deliver its entire product line. Deliveries of the 737 MAX have been picking up pace, as have recertification activities around the world regarding the type.

A majority of countries and civil aviation authorities have now recertified the type. However, a couple of major bodies, such as China’s CAAC and India’s DGCA, are yet to give the kind the green light. As reported by Simple Flying yesterday, the latest iteration of the 737 MAX, the 8200, is expected to be certified within the next week.

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX
The Boeing 737 MAX’s return to service is really gathering steam. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

On top of this, February was a record month for Boeing in terms of orders. While the manufacturer has received orders throughout the 737 MAX crisis and the pandemic, February was the first month in over a year when net orders for new aircraft were positive. This meant that the company gained more orders than cancellations in a month.

Are you excited to see Boeing getting going on deliveries of the Dreamliner once more? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!