Boeing Admits Air Canada 787 Documents Were Falsified


More bad news for Boeing as they admit to falsifying documents relating to a 787 sold to Air Canada. The Dreamliner was sold in 2014 and developed a fault just 10 months after entering service. Boeing sent a statement to CBC News on June 29th, admitting that it had issued documentation falsely claiming manufacturing work had been completed.

Air Canada dreamliner
Boeing have admitted documents were falsified. Photo: Air Canada

A Dreamliner operated by Air Canada had to make an emergency landing due to a fuel leak back in 2015. However, it has now come to light that documents regarding manufacturing works by Boeing were falsified prior to the planes delivery.

This comes as Boeing are under increased scrutiny for the catastrophe of the 737 MAX project, an investigation which has this week been extended to include the Dreamliner manufacturing plant in South Carolina.


What happened?

According to CBC News, Boeing had issued documentation relating to an Air Canada 787 which stated manufacturing work had been completed. The problem was, it hadn’t. The aircraft, registered C-GHPQ, was the first Dreamliner to be delivered to Air Canada

Subsequently, the Dreamliner went on to develop a fuel leak just 10 months into service. The aircraft was operating a flight from Vancouver to Narita on the 10th February 2015, when it had to make an emergency landing at Anchorage, Alaska, five and a half hours into the flight.

Air Canada 787 Dreamliner
The Air Canada Dreamliner had to make an emergency landing. Photo: Air Canada

At the time, an Air Canada spokesperson told CBC News, “The pilot had oil indicators from one of the engines,” but gave no further details.


Boeing provided the following statement to Simple Flying in relation to the incident:

“Following the report from the operator, Boeing self-disclosed this occurrence to the FAA.  Boeing then conducted a follow-up audit both internally and with operators, and concluded that this was an isolated event.  Immediate corrective action was initiated for both the Boeing mechanic and the Boeing inspector involved.

“Boeing also initiated long-term corrective action, including formal training and communication on personal accountability in the manufacturing process, stressing the importance of complying with all regulatory requirements. The company also strengthened its Employee Corrective Action procedure for improper acceptance of work.”


Was the Air Canada Dreamliner in danger?

Airlines rely on these types of documents to ensure safe operation of their aircraft. As such, falsifying records like this jeopardize the safety of the jet and of all passengers who fly on it. But was the Air Canada 787 ever in any real danger?

Any fuel leak is unwanted on any sort of aircraft, particularly when you consider the high temperatures involved in gas turbine engines. However, thankfully there were no incidents involving the Air Canada Dreamliner.

Air Canada Boeing 787
A fuel leak is never a good situation. Photo: Air Canada

The carrier conducted a thorough review of its entire fleet of 787s, of which they have 35, and found no evidence of fuel leaks on any other aircraft. A spokesperson told CBC news that,

“All of our aircraft are subject to regular and thorough inspections and we maintain them in full accordance with all manufacturer and regulatory directives,”

Although no incidents came about as a result of this discrepancy, it raises some serious questions about the culture at Boeing in general. Kudos to them for self-reporting the problem as soon as it was raised, but the fact remains that this should never have happened in the first place.

Transport Canada have not been highly involved in this issue, as they say the falsification of documents falls under the jurisdiction of the FAA. However, they have said they are evaluating this new information, and how it will affect the ongoing investigation into Boeing.


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Niklas Andersson

What’s next Step!? Ban certification from The FAA!?


I guess falsifying documents is not a federal offence?

Isolated incident? Boeing is quite the gong show, lately…


No marketing and safety priority spins can keep the public from preferring not Boeing planes.


Only Boeing’s upper echelon know What other issues they may have under the rug, on all their latest produced Aircrafts and being hidden from the Aviation World. Up to now it is a real Crises Management Ordeal in prioritizing “PROFITS” above all other Material and Human Elements.

Larry C

JET-A fuel is not considered “highly flammable” unless it is vaporized inside an engine or by a high velocity. Turbine temps can reach 1800F internally.

Niklas Andersson

Boeing CEO blamed Pilots and Airliners…. Trump already blame Europe and Airbus….?

Old Leadership looks for new under-management to fix the visible issues but the underlying problems persist.

please act… not react

Bob Braan

So who paid to have the leaky 787 fixed and who paid to have it taken out of service for the repair? What was the monetary penalty to Boeing for falsifying the documents? Boeing only understands profit not safety anymore so if this incident didn’t cost anything they will do it again. Maybe there will be a fire next time.


Falsification of what?


Boeing needs to be held accountable, but we all know it won’t happen.

Chuck L

The point where the CEO and the upper echelon should have resigned was a long time ago.

That the Board of Directors hasn’t acted is a disgrace.


Know why engine temperatures reach 700 degrees…? Because the engines are full of burning fuel!

I love airplanes, but I hate stupidity. The author and most of those posting here are ignorami.


Will NOT fly on Boeing anymore! Passengers of that flight and Air Canada should take legal procedure. This is actualy an insult to Canadian people. Very lucky nothing serious happen. Hope Air Canada will buy from now on Airbus A200, A300 & A500.


Boeing ‘ lies, cheating and falsifications are appalling.Complete lack of honesty & ethics.
Boeing can no longer be trusted and its CEO should be fired.


CFR Title 13, Chapter I, Subchapter C – 43.12
Maintenance records: Falsification, reproduction, or alteration.


All we read is Boeing acted this or acted that way, when in reality a live person legally working for Boeing or a contractor acted this or that way, supervised by levels of management that signed off on this or that action; it is way past time for the media to now dig deep and add real names to these illegal acts.

Mark Smith

I use to work at Boeing and the saying among the “grunts” was; Quality is King but Schedule is God!
Boeing manufacturing management is more concerned about getting the planes down the assembly line than accountability of their employees job responsibilities. As a former QA inspector, management knows about “roller stampers” inspecting processes or complete jobs and yet, nothing was/is done about this.

Azman Shah

With all this problems from Boeing, Im confident the A380 and B747 will rule the skies.