Boeing Rumoured To Be Announcing The Boeing 797 At The Paris Air Show In June 2019

Boeing is set to be revealing the Boeing 797 sooner than we think, at the June 2019 Paris Air Show!

This plane is the ultimate jet of the future, perfect for the modern landscape and the triumph of all of Boeing technology progress so far.

An artist’s impression of what the B797 could look like.

What is so great about the Boeing 797?

We have already gone into great detail before why the Boeing 797 is a game changer.

Essentially, many airlines are struggling to find a way to transport 250 passengers short to medium haul, without having to rely on bigger jets such as the Boeing 787, 777 or Airbus A350. Plus these bigger jets cost a lot to operate, and airlines really need essentially a smaller version of the 787.

The plane would feature the most modern technology, not only fuel efficiency mentioned above but also a composite structure like the 787 (Thus lighter) and perhaps the folding wings of the 777x.

Boeing’s all-new commercial jetliner will have two variants. The 228 seat 797-6X with a range of 5,000 nautical miles, and the 268 seat 797-7X with a range of 4,200 nautical miles. Delta, United, Norwegian and Air Lease Corporation are considered potential customers to receive the aircraft from 2025.

The Boeing 797 fills that need perfectly.

Why the Paris Air Show?

Building an airplane is no small task, and Boeing has already devoted $15 billion to this project. Despite not commenting on the development of the 797 at the Farnborough Air Show, Airlines need to have certain orders in place in order to complete development. So if we look at how their suppliers are tracking (Much like Apple iPhone rumors get leaked) we can suggest when a big announcement will be coming.

According to aviation journalist Jon Ostrower, we have a suggested timeline:

December 2018: The deadline for engine offers from manufacturers.

February 2019: Boeing makes its final decision for the engine.

March 2019: Airlines and leasing companies sign preliminary contracts.

June 2019: Program launch of the 797 with the first customers at Paris Air Show.

We know that Rolls-Royce has already put in a tender for the project, and we can expect the other engine manufacturers to do so as well. Thus it fits up nicely for an announcement for the Paris Air Show.

When will we actually see a Boeing 797?

The problem is that Boeing is still hard at work building the 777X and its unlikely that they will get to work on a 797 for some time. The other problem is that Boeing will only build it if they have the orders.

United and Delta have already expressed interest. However, Ryanair CEO Micheal O’Leary does not think the plane is efficient enough.

But once the orders come in and it’s confirmed, we can expect around 5 years from concept to development.

Airbus was quick to comment on the rumor that if Airlines want a mid-capacity plane, they can have an Airbus A321XLR available by 2022 (Which would be a further increased capacity version of the Airbus A321neo).

Do you think Boeing will reveal the plane in Paris? Let us know below.