Boeing Secures An Order For 2 737-800 Converted Freighters

On July 23rd, Boeing announced that it had received an order for two 73-800 converted freighters. The request for the pair is from Frankfurt-based Aircraft Finance Germany, a leading European aircraft leasing and financing company. The order is the firm’s first Boeing freighter conversion request. Moreover, it comes after an increase in demand for aircraft to handle air cargo and, in particular, e-commerce goods.

Amazon prime 787-800BCF Getty
Amazon Prime Boeing 737-800BCF. Photo: Getty Images

The Converted Freighters (BCF) are based on the popular Next-Generation 737-800 that offers operators the latest technology, lower fuel consumption and better reliability than other standard-body freighters. Primarily, these types of aircraft are used to ship express cargo on domestic and short-haul routes. The Boeing 737-800 freighters can carry 29 tons (52,800lbs) of load up to 2,000 nautical miles (3,750km).

Ten operators are flying Boeing 737-800BCFs 

According to a press release seen by Simple Flying, Peter Koster, AFG’s head of freighter trading said,

“We are always looking for the best way to invest and deploy aircraft that support our customers.The 737-800BCF gives us the opportunity to serve a growing market with a workhorse that can reliably and efficiently fit into most operators’ fleets.”

Boeing 737-800BCF
Inside the cockpit of a Boeing 737-800BCF. Photo: Matti Blume via Wikimedia

First entering the marketplace in 2018, the Boeing 737-800BCF is now being flown by ten customers on four continents. There has been an increase in demand perhaps brought on by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, Boeing is increasing the BCF production and has 132 outstanding orders on its books. To date, it has delivered 34 737-800BCF to satisfied customers around the globe.

Boeing provides 90% of the worlds freighter capacity

As per the release, Ihssane Mounir, Boeing’s SVP of commercial sales and marketing, said,

“Aircraft Finance Germany is known for creating bespoke solutions that allow its customers to win in a dynamic market. We are pleased that they are investing in the 737-800BCF. The 737-800BCF capitalizes on the Next-Generation 737’s efficiency and unmatched reliability, and the converted freighter program is a great way to extend the life of the platform.

Additionally, he said that the Boeing freighter family, which includes production and converted freighter options, provides more than 90% of the world’s freighter capacity. 

About AFG

Aircraft Finance Germany is one of the world’s leading companies focused on aircraft trading, providing turnkey solutions for clients. AFG has developed close partnerships with aircraft manufacturers, operators, and financial institutions worldwide. This relationship allows it to complete even the most difficult of transactions.

The core of the firm’s business is the acquisition of aircraft and the structuring of long-term leases and financing. AFG says that it is proud to embark on its first passenger to freighter conversion with the Seattle planemaker.

Boeing 737-800 BCF, Paris Air Show 2019
A look inside a Boeing 737-800 BCF at the Paris Air Show in 2019. Photo: Matti Blume via Wikimedia

Altogether, while the passenger aircraft market may have dried up due to the coronavirus, the demand for cargo seems to be at an all-time high. As we have written about here at Simple Flying, many airlines have removed the planes’ seats to carry cargo. Add to this a massive increase in online shopping while many outlets remained closed, and it is easy to see that the demand would be there for a workhouse like the Boeing 737-800BCF.

What do you think about the AFG purchase of two Boeing 737-800 freighters? Is this a good move for the company? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.