Boeing Will Have A Biofuel Option For Airlines Taking Delivery Flights

Boeing has taken a new step in the fight against global warming, by including the option to have their planes delivered using biofuels.

What are the details?

When a plane is completed at Boeing’s factory outside of Seattle, it has to be flown to the airline customers hub airport to be delivered. This may not be far for an airline based in the US (such as Alaska which is already based in Seattle), but for some others, it might be half a world away.

We have already discussed how these planes are actually delivered across these vast seas (it is more complicated than you think!) but what we did not touch on is the vast amount of carbon producing fuel that is burnt to do so.

Airbus A380
You would hope that Airbus will soon follow with their own biofuel policy. Photo: Airbus.

To be more environmentally conscious, Boeing has decided to offer their airline customers the option to power their planes first flights with biofuel.

[This fuel is] designed to further spur the use of sustainable aviation fuels – which cut emissions up to 80 percent – and support the industry’s drive to protect the environment.” – Boeing Statment

The new fueling option is only available in their locations in Washington state, but Boeing hopes to roll out the initiative throughout their network (to their South Carolina Delivery facility) as soon as possible.

Who has taken up this option?

The option has already proven to be popular with Alaska, who has requested that all new Boeing delivered be fueled with the new biofuel. The first of which will be the three 737 MAX’s that they are expecting later this year.

An Alaska 737 MAX sits in a hanger. Source: Alaska

“We have great customers such as Alaska Airlines that have made good progress in adopting the use of biofuels. We hope this new option will make it easier for them and others to demonstrate our industry’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions.” – Boeing Commercial VP Sheila Remes

Whilst this is overall fantastic news, you do have to wonder why Boeing does not simply enforce it for all delivery flights. After all, climate change is the biggest crisis the world has ever faced, why hold back by making it just an option?

Biofuel will become increasingly popular as governments place more pressure on gas-guzzling industries such as aviation. This new source of fuel that reduced emissions and can be created sustainably will become more popular over time, especially with Boeing making airlines comfortable right at the beginning of their aircraft journey.

This is another step in our decade-long journey to encourage the adoption of sustainable fuels and help commercial aviation earn its license to keep growing” – Boeing Commercial VP Sheila Remes

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