Boeing Names New CEO Of Commercial Airplanes Arm

Another leadership shuffle at Boeing sees Kevin McAllister out of his position as president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The new CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, effective immediately, is Stan Deal who has been with Boeing since 1986.

Boeing 787
Boeing has named a new President and CEO of their Commercial Airplanes division. Photo: Boeing

A new Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO

Boeing announced in an October 22nd press release that Stan Deal will replace Kevin McAllister as President and CEO of Boeing Commerical Airplanes effective immediately. This abrupt change comes as Boeing seeks to return the 737 MAX into passenger service. Previously, Boeing’s board also removed Dennis Muilenburg from his role as chairman. Although, Muilenburg retained his position as CEO.

Boeing 737 MAX
This leadership shuffle comes as Boeing focuses on getting their grounded 737 MAX back in the air. Photo: Boeing

Stan Deal as Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO

Stan Deal has been at Boeing since 1986. Before this appointment, Deal was the president and CEO of Boeing Global Services since November 2016. His experience is across multiple fields and he previously has worked in Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes division. His former leadership roles have included work in managing Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ supply chain. He also previously served as Boeing’s sales leader for Asia-Pacific.

Stan Deal
Stan Deal brings plenty of experience, having been with Boeing since 1986, as the new Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO. Photo: Boeing

Kevin McAllister is out

Kevin McAllister was president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes from November 2016 until October 2019. During his time in this role, the first delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX occurred in May 2017. Just under two years later, the 737 MAX faced a global grounding after two entirely fatal crashes.

Kevin McAllister
Kevin McAllister served in this role from November 2016 through October 2019. Photo: Boeing

Kevin McAllister had the following to say upon his departure:

Boeing is a great company with a commitment to safety I have seen firsthand working side-by-side with many thousands of tremendously talented and dedicated employees. It has been an honor to serve with such a professional team for the past three years.

The 737 MAX grounding is hurting Boeing on several fronts. There is intense scrutiny coming from regulatory agencies across the globe along with probes from domestic entities including the United States House of Representatives. In addition, airlines are starting to feel the crunch as the grounding continues to stretch on with no clear timeline for reentry. Not to mention, the 787 has also seen some scrutiny.

Boeing 787
Even Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has seen additional scrutiny recently. Photo: Boeing

The 777X

In addition to the continuing 737 MAX debacle, Boeing is also working on their new 777X which appears delayed and has thrown a wrench in several airlines’ plans. Emirates now expects to receive a grand total of zero Boeing 777X aircraft from Boeing in 2020.

Boeing 777X
Boeing is also working to get their 777X into passenger service. Photo: Boeing


It appears that these events combined have led Boeing to make some changes in management. As of now, Kevin McAllister is one of the highest-ranking of Boeing’s team to depart amid the 737 MAX crisis. Whether others will follow is unclear.

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