Boeing Delivered 21 737 MAX Aircraft In January

Boeing has released its January figures, and the US planemaker was able to deliver 26 jets in the last month. 21 of these aircraft were the 737 MAX, which has been re-authorized to fly in a number of jurisdictions around the world. Let’s take a closer look at what Boeing was able to achieve in January 2021.

737 MAX
Now that the 737 MAX is back in service in the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Europe, scenes of dozens of new 737s parked side-to-side should become less common.  Photo: Getty Images

12 of 21 737 MAX deliveries directly to US customers

Now that the 737 MAX is able to resume operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, and more, numerous airlines can now resume taking deliveries of their orders and slot the jet into scheduled passenger services.

Although the global crisis has greatly reduced air travel activity, airlines in certain countries can utilize the 737 MAX for domestic operations. This makes outstanding orders a little easier to accept when compared to larger widebodies that might only be utilized for transoceanic and intercontinental flights.

That’s why over half of the 21 MAXs delivered, 12 to be precise, went to US carriers. Here is how deliveries break down:

These jets will deploy mostly on short-haul services as well as to southern destinations in the Caribbean and Central America.

737 MAX
American Airlines took delivery of five 737 MAXs in January 2021. Photo: Getty Images

According to WENY News, Alaska Airlines will begin using the jet in regularly scheduled commercial service on March 1st. The airline’s executives look forward to the MAX’s re-entry into service, saying:

“We’ve eagerly waited for this day. It was a proud moment to board our newest 737 aircraft and fly it home…This plane is a significant part of our future. We believe in it. We believe in Boeing,” -Ben Minicucci, President, Alaska Airlines via WENY News

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The other nine MAX deliveries

The other nine 737 MAX deliveries went to customers outside of North America. They are as follows:

  • One to Hong Kong-based CDB Aviation
  • Two to Panama’s Copa Airlines
  • And six to Ireland’s SMBC Aviation Capital

SMBC has a number of customers around the world that have committed to the 737 MAX. While the leasing firm doesn’t specify where its six MAX deliveries went, we do know that its MAX-operating customers include Canada’s Sunwing, Aeromexico, Norwegian, and 737-heavyweights Southwest and Ryanair.

Boeing 737 MAX 8
Sources report six MAXs going to Southwest in January. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

While Boeing doesn’t make mention of Southwest Airlines accepting 737 MAXs in January, WENY News reports that six went to the US budget carrier. Therefore, since the carrier is a customer of SMBC Aviation Capital, we can see that the lessor’s deliveries went to Southwest.

This was later confirmed by a Boeing spokesperson, who added that Brazil’s GOL took delivery of one – which would have come via CDB Aviation.

GOL Getty B737 MAX
One aircraft went to GOL, which was actually the first airline to resume service with the 737 MAX. Photo: Getty Images

Given the turmoil the 737 MAX program has faced in the last two years, Boeing will likely remain low-key about any of its delivery achievements. This was well-demonstrated in late January, when, upon news that EASA had approved the MAX in Europe, Boeing issued the following short statement, which took a more solemn tone:

“We will never forget the lives lost in the two tragic accidents. These events and the lessons we have learned as a result have reshaped our company and further focused our attention on our core values of safety, quality and integrity. We continue to work with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, its member states, other global regulators and our customers to safely return the 737-8 and 737-9 to service worldwide.”

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