Will Boeing Hit 1000 787 Dreamliner Deliveries In 2020?


Although the 737 MAX scandal has been Boeing’s biggest headache in 2019, the Dreamliner hasn’t escaped unscathed. Complaints about inconsistent quality, questions over safety and the ongoing issues with the Trent 1000 engines have served up enough negative press for Boeing’s popular widebody. Despite this, the planemaker could be on its way to delivering its 1,000th of the type in 2020.

Boeing delivered 18 Dreamliners in December. Photo: Boeing

Boeing has had a good December with regard to its 787 program. In fact, a strong finish to the year sees the Seattle planemaker achieving the most Dreamliner deliveries ever.

Boeing delivered 10 more 787s in 2019

December saw Boeing deliver 18 787 Dreamliners to customers around the world. Six were from its South Carolina facility, and 12 were from its factory in Washington State.

The bumper month means that Boeing has delivered 155 787s in 2019 beating 2018s record by 10 aircraft.

There is also a delivery scheduled for today, New Year’s Eve, for a United Airlines 787-10, but it will probably not happen as Boeing usually closes down for the holidays.

All of the figures we are quoting here were gathered from Boeing 787 Dreamliner analyst, Uresh Sheth, and his All Things 787 website.


ANA received the first 787 in 2011

In total there have now been 936 787 Dreamliner deliveries since Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) took delivery of the first Dreamliner back in 2011.

Given the fact that Boeing has announced it will cut production of the 787 from 14 aircraft a month to 12 in 2020, it should still reach the magical 1,000 number around the middle of the year.


Having said that, Uresh Sheth says there is no certainty of when the 1,000th delivery will happen due to deferrals by Chinese airlines.

Boeing 787-10 dreamliner
Deferrals by Chinese airlines could slow down Boeing deliveries. Photo: Boeing

As we have already seen, President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has interfered with Boeing deliveries.

When speaking to Charlestown daily newspaper The Post and Courier Sheth said:

“Boeing had to scramble to find new homes for airplanes that were built but not taken up by their customers,” adding there could be more of the same in the coming year.

“It’s hard to predict at this point when and where the 1000th delivery will take place, as there was so much upheaval in the 787 delivery schedule this year and I don’t think it’s over.”

Singapore Airlines will get the 1,000th Dreamliner

Members of the aviation aficionado website, airliners.net forum think that they have figured out who will be the recipient of the 1,000 787 Dreamliner.

According to several members, the milestone delivery will go to Singapore Airlines as the Asian carrier has the number 1,000 slot in the production schedule.

Singapore Airlines should receive the 1,000th Dreamliner. Photo: Boeing

If that should be the case, the aircraft will be a 787-10 Dreamliner built and delivered from Boeing’s facility in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Surprisingly Singapore Airlines also took delivery of Boeings 1,000th 747 according to Momo1435.

It is nice to be finally writing good news about Boeing, rather than lamenting on the plane maker’s problems.

Hopefully, Boeing will be able to get the 737 MAX recertified and get back on track with its 777X program to make 2020 a year to remember and not one to forget.