Boeing Set To Focus On Safety At The Dubai Airshow


The Dubai Airshow is now less than a week away. The annual gathering of aviation-related companies takes place once every two years at the Dubai World Central airport. This year Boeing’s focus at the airshow will be on safety, innovation and partnerships.

The company’s narrow-body product is currently grounded. Photo: Boeing

Airshows are typically used by manufacturers to show off their newest and best products. However, after an unfortunate year, Boeing will not be able to bring a new product to the show. As such, the manufacturer will instead be displaying its tried and tested 787, in addition to an Emirates Boeing 777.

Troubled year for Boeing

While airshows are typically a time for aviation-related companies to show off their achievements, Boeing hasn’t had the best year. Troubles started in March with the grounding of the 737 MAX following a second fatal crash of the type. As a result, the planned media reveal of the Boeing 777X was indefinitely delayed.

However, the Boeing 777X has also suffered from its own set of issues. Prior to the aircraft’s first flight, issues were discovered with the aircraft’s new GE9X engines. As a result, the engines had to be shipped back to GE.

Lufthansa 777X
The Boeing 777X is also yet to take its first flight. Photo: Lufthansa

Boeing had been expected to show off the aircraft at the Paris Air Show, back at the start of summer. However, having not flown yet, the backup plan of showing it off at the Dubai Airshow has also been canned. Who knows if it will finally take flight to the 2020 Farnborough Airshow?

What will Boeing show?

In terms of physical aircraft appearances, Boeing will be showing off some of its tried and tested aircraft. This includes the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787. The Boeing 777 will belong to Emirates, meanwhile, a Boeing 787 in Ethihad colors will be on display.


This is expected to appear amongst Boeing‘s 787, known as Dreams Take Flight. This aircraft comes with the world’s largest decal on its exterior.

Rolls Royce, Trent 1000, Boeing 787
The Boeing 787 will be the main Boeing aircraft on display. Photo: Boeing

VR experience

In the place of an official reveal, Boeing will be showing off the 777X by a mix of Virtual Reality, in addition to a mockup.

While these issues are ongoing, it’s not all bad news as Boeing expects the 737 MAX to be recertified by the end of the year. Additionally, despite an engine being affected by a shipping accident, the 777X is expected to make its first flight before too long. Hopefully, we’ll see it at the 2020 Farnborough Air Show.


While the Dreams Take Flight Boeing 787 is expected to take part in the flying display, the other aircraft will only be on static display.

What do you expect to see from Boeing at this year’s Airshow? let us know your thoughts in the comments below!