Boeing Announces $10 Million To Fight India’s COVID-19 Surge

Boeing has today shared that it is providing a $10 million emergency assistance package for India amid the jump in coronavirus cases within the country. The manufacturer states that the support will be heading to organizations providing relief, including groups giving medical supplies and emergency healthcare for those fighting against the virus.

Air India Boeing 777
Boeing is the latest name in aviation to offer its assistance to India. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

A tragic situation

India took a hardline approach with the pandemic early on, suspending most international flights last spring and continuously postponing the reopening of international travel ever since. Barring a peak in the middle of last summer, the ratio of reported deaths in the country was relatively low compared to many other countries. Nonetheless, after the first peak, domestic aviation activity started to go through a decent road to recovery at the end of last year.

Sadly, India’s cases skyrocketed this month, and now there are over 3,000 deaths per day due to coronavirus. The aviation industry has been showing its determination to help out during this difficult period. For instance, today, it was revealed that Qatar Airways is shipping crucial medical aid and equipment from worldwide suppliers to India at no cost.

With a strong presence in India, Boeing values its customers, suppliers, and partners in the country. In total, the company has approximately 3,000 employees in the country.

Therefore, the firm will work with local and global relief institutions to provide the funds to those who need it most. It will collaborate with medical groups, the government, and public health experts with this move.

Vistara Boeing 787
The history between Boeing and India traces back to over 70 years ago through a joint venture with Tata. Photo: Getty Images

Close ties

Boeing CEO and president Dave Calhoun expressed his condolences to those suffering. He also affirms that his company will work with the global community to overcome the crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated communities across the globe, and our hearts go out to our friends in India who are going through a very difficult time. Boeing is a global citizen, and in India we are directing our pandemic response to the communities most impacted by this recent surge of cases,” Calhoun shared in a statement.

“Boeing not only stands in solidarity with the Indian people in their effort to confront this pandemic, we will be a part of the solution. We will continue to monitor the pandemic response in India and work to support our employees, customers, and partners through this crisis.”

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Coming together

India’s national airlines are also trying to do their bit. SpiceXpress has been shipping thousands of oxygen concentrators, while Vistara is offering free tickets to all medical staff working for government organizations. Notably, most carriers are also working hard to ship vaccines against the virus.

Air India Boeing 777-300ER
Carriers are eager to help out during these hard times. Photo: Getty Images

Additionally, operators have been busy repatriating affected people around the world. With several countries banning flights from India, the likes of Air India, Korean Air, and Asiana have been working hard to get people home during this crisis. India has approximately 18 million of its citizens living in other nations, making its diaspora the largest in the world, and many of these individuals have been heavily impacted by the ongoing restrictions.

Altogether, during these dire times, it’s important that those that are most suffering get the support they need. The aviation industry has been showing its desire to assist since the beginning of the pandemic. These efforts are undoubtedly valued by those battling against the virus.

What are your thoughts about Boeing’s emergency relief support for India? What do you make of the ongoing situation? Let us know what you think in the comment section.